Franchises are the holy grail of Hollywood movies. It’s what every executive wants when funding a movie now, especially with the MCU’s massive success for Disney. This is why there has been a never-ending stream of reboots or sequels featuring popular series like Terminator or Alien.

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While those series have been through rough times, they were at least popular and done well at one point. The same cannot be said for these characters who constantly fail in the movies. It’s a case where Hollywood desperately clings to a brand, even if the brand no longer makes money.

10 King Arthur movies keep trying to reinvent the wheel and failing

The problem that King Arthur continually runs into when they make it into a movie is the fact that each movie tries to add its own twist to the story, and it rarely works. The Guy Ritchie shot features demon lords and feels more like a live-action version of Dungeons and Dragons instead of a King Arthur story.

2004 King Arthur fell into similar traps, turning Arthur into a Roman and changing the lineage of other characters like Guinevere.

9 Van Helsing has never been able to shine as a true vampire hunter

van helsing hugh jackman movie

Van Helsing is not as pressured as many other characters, but he is a character who has appeared in several movies, none of which have been as good. The most notable of these is probably Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman as the main character.

The movie was packed with too many monsters to ever be enjoyed, muddying the plot in the same way that the villains did in Spider man 3. It’s strange that Hollywood misses out on a character that’s so easy to hit. All they had to do was turn him into Blade, a badass vampire hunter.

8 Dracula has never been successful with a modern movie

Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold

Dracula has likely appeared in more movies than any other character, easily appearing in more than twenty. Many of the older films were quite good, with outstanding performances from Christopher Lee, among others. For whatever reason, modern movies haven’t been able to capture the same magic at all.

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Some have had silly reinventions like Wes Craven’s. Dracula 2000 or was it a boring attempt to tell your backstory, like Untold dracula. As with his rival, Van Helsing, it’s shocking that Hollywood can sway and fail a character so often.

7 The true meaning behind Frankenstein’s monster seems lost in Hollywood


The meaning behind the Frankenstein monster is that one should not judge a person or creature by their appearance. He is a character who, by his own definition, pretends to be understanding. That seems lost in all modern interpretations of the character.

The horrible god I Frankenstein had the character running fighting demons, and his appearance in Van Helsing focused more on helping fight Dracula. The monster isn’t meant to be in a heavy action movie, yet it seems like all of Hollywood is interested in doing it.

6 Shaft’s movies feel dated and stuck in the past

Axis Movies have never been the pinnacle of cinema, but during the blaxploitation era of the ’70s, they did well enough to get a trilogy of movies. The first two were entertaining games that fit in with that era, and even the 2000 Sam Jackson movie was fun enough, mostly thanks to Sam Jackson.

The most recent attempt was not fun. It had a low production value, jokes that hit with a thud and felt like a movie stuck in the past.

5 Peter Pan has never translated well into live action without Steven Spielberg at the helm

Pan with Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard

Outside HookPeter Pan has never been a character who has made a good transition to live action. It’s a story whose whimsical nature lends itself much better to the animated medium, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying time and again to make it work.

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Both Neverland Y Peter Pan they were bad movies, but they both look great compared to Frying pan. One look at Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard and you’ll see why. It’s so over the top and tries to tell a prequel in which Pan and Hook are friends instead of enemies. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t do anything right.

4 Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau need to stay in the 60s and 70s

Steve Martin holding a pink panther voice recorder

The voice recorder may well be the blackmail Sony used to get Steve Martin to appear on both reboots of Pink Panther. To say that the movies were bad would be an understatement. Nor can you put everything at Martin’s feet. He had a game in the role, but the character of Inspector Clouseau does not translate well in the current age of movies.

Forgetting the character is not endearing or fun as it was in the 60s or 70s, where the character belongs.

3 Alice from Resident Evil drags badly made movies

For a franchise that has been as terrible as Demonic resident It has been, it is shocking that there have been six of them. All of them have also managed to get progressively worse, and a big reason why the focus is squarely on Alice.

As the movies have progressed, she has grown into a giant Mary Sue character who can do everything, without the need for any of the characters from the actual games. Though never fantastic, the movies should have been fun, popcorn fun, but instead, they’re a boring power fantasy.

two Leatherface has appeared in multiple remakes that get duller every time they come out.

Hollywood needs to realize that Leatherface is not the cultural icon that Michael Myers is. Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and a host of other assassins are always on the second rung of the killer villains. A big reason why there is a myth linked to Myers, and because his films have real depth, like Laurie dealing with PTSD in the most recent film.

With texas chainsaw and Leatherface, there is none of that. He’s a guy with a chainsaw who’s going to kill a lot of people, in the end. There is not enough room for variation and his movies get boring.

1 Chucky & the Child’s Play movies don’t know what genre they want to be

Andy talks to Chucky

The biggest problem plaguing the Chucky movies is that they don’t know what genre they want to be. Movies are at their best when there is a mixture of dark humor and elements of horror, as they did in the first films.

For Bride of chucky, they started to get too extravagant by bringing in more dolls and they went to the bottom with The Seed of Chucky. The movie series needs to decide what they want to be and commit to it. At least the reboot tried to capture the same satirical nature that the first one did.

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