Sharis Alldredge previously appeared on Seeking Sister Wife. From baking to her feelings about polygamy, here’s everything you need to know about the TLC star.

Sharis Alldregde is a former Looking for sister wife star and here is everything you need to know about her life. Patriarch Jeff Alldredge’s second wife, has been in a relationship with her husband since 2009. Sharis appeared on the show during seasons 1 and 2 along with her family, which in addition to Jeff includes his first wife Vanessa. They retired for season 3 for reasons they themselves aren’t sure of. But for Sharis, they agree not to be on the show.

When Sharis appeared on the show with her husband and sister, his wife, Vanessa, they were about to bring a woman named Jennifer into their relationship. Before her, the Alldredges had another wife named Cynthia, who eventually left the relationship. Cynthia did not want to be a part of the show, but the stages of her breakup were documented in season 1.

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They also tried to welcome a woman named Melina into their family, but in the end, she dumped them at the airport. Courting Jennifer didn’t work out either due to dishonesty issues. In 2020, the family got two new members when Jeff married a woman named Donna and a daughter named Evelyn. Earlier this year, they announced on Facebook that his marriage to Donna ended for undisclosed reasons.

Sharis had a polygamous family in her youth

Sharis grew up in a polygamous family, stating on Facebook that she had three loving, hardworking parents. But because her family dabbled in an unusual lifestyle, she always feared that people would find out, as polygamy was illegal and she didn’t want her parents caught. She imagined that one day something as terrible as jail would happen to her father, and for this reason, she grew up shy and reserved, making sure no one gossiped about them.

Sharis didn’t want to do the show at first

When the opportunity came to do the show, he first said no. Because people tend to disapprove of polygamy, he was initially hesitant to show his life to viewers. But after considering it, she decided she didn’t want her children to grow up fearing the world’s views on her questionable polygamous lifestyle. She wanted to give her children a better life than hers and that started with embracing her family’s martial choices. “People don’t like what they don’t understand, it scares them and they fight against it.” posted on Facebook. “I realized that this was my moment and I had to choose whether to remain silent or to stand up and make the world a better place for my children by offering the world a better understanding of who I am and why I chose to live this way. . . “

Sharis has a hobby of baking

Between Sharis, Vanessa, and there are seven children, five of whom are Sharis’s biological children: Daniel, Dalinar, Misty, Serenity, and most recently Chloe. Many wives tend to mean many children in polygamous families. One thing the family does is play Play Doh. Sharis told her Instagram followers that the family loves baking shows and makes her own baking creations using the colorful clay. The children assemble the “foods” and the moms are the judges. One of his hobbies is baking, especially homemade bread. He even named his sourdough starter Bob. Almost every Sunday, the family enjoys their braided loaf of bread called challah.

Despite having been in Looking for sister wife For two seasons, Sharis said on Facebook that she still had a certain fear of being polygamous. But at the end of the day, she wanted to be an example of courage for her children. “And courage is not living without fear”, She published. “Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.” He said he is not looking for people who agree with his life choices; he just wants people to understand why he embraces plural marriage.

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