In the Star trek universe, the glory often goes to the captain, whose life-and-death decisions are around what the narratives of the multiple series generally revolve. Yet the unsung heroes of these missions are often the doctors, investigating the means to eliminate the numerous medical threats that seem to routinely plague their various crews.

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Although all have taken the same Hippocratic Oath, not all Star trekDoctors are made from the same mold. Sure, some are loved, but some of their bedside manners and general personalities leave a lot to be desired.

10 Katherine pulaski

The Trekkers are a vocal fanatic and have never let their dissatisfaction with a character remain voiceless, which is why Dr. Pulaski is so universally vilified. Replacement of Dr. Crusher for season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Pulaski’s channeling of the rough and curmudgeonly ways of The original series’ Dr. McCoy completely missed the mark with the fans.

Perhaps his antipathy to artificial life forms, personified by Lieutenant Commander Data, added fuel to the fire of onlookers’ hatred. After all, Data was a beloved and popular character on the show and the fact that Pulaski constantly undermined him probably didn’t make her love for viewers.

9 Leonard McCoy (original timeline)

Bones McCoy Star Trek Most Adorable Tv Doctors

There is no doubt that good Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy is the standard by which all other physicians in Star trek They’re measured, but by all accounts, he’s a pretty grumpy guy. In general, he’s quite gruff and downright curmudgeonly to everyone from Captain Kirk to Nurse Chapel, and he’s never shy with his sarcasm or scathing remarks.

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Although he is a great doctor, his bedside demeanor is acceptable at best in some situations. Perhaps his greatest failure is his inability to respect Vulcans for their adherence to the discipline of logic, for which he constantly rebukes Mr. Spock. That seems strange for a man who has chosen to work for an organization that preaches understanding and acceptance of all life forms and customs!

8 Julian Bashir

Dr. Bashir was introduced as a fresh-faced, enthusiastic yet somewhat naive young man, willing to make a difference in the confines of known space. Desperately needing some life experience to make interactions with his colleagues less awkward, Dr. Bashir received a much needed “education” from the likes of Commander Sisko, Major Kira, and Odo.

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There is nothing immanently obnoxious about Dr. Bashir, but his bulging-eyed demeanor and transparent charm with ladies were somewhat irritating to watch. An attempt to make the character more interesting by revealing that he is genetically engineered failed, as did his character.

7 Leonard McCoy (Kelvin’s Timeline)

Karl Urban as McCoy in Star Trek

Star trek fans met with the announcement that Original series it would reboot on the big screen with new actors with excitement and fear. For the most part, the movies have received a tepid response from fans, but one thing everyone can agree on is that the characterizations are spot on.

Leading the group in the new cast is Karl Urban’s portrayal of Dr. McCoy. Urban has managed to channel DeForest Kelly’s curmudgeonly curmudgeon to perfection, but he has also infused him with a sense of compassion and humor that requires less digging to see than in the Original series.

6 The doctor

When TravelerThe medical director was killed in transit to the Delta quadrant, the emergency medical hologram was activated to treat the injured on the trip. Abrupt, somewhat sarcastic and lacking in bedside understanding, EMH bore more than a passing resemblance in character and appearance to its creator, Lewis Zimmerman.

When it became clear that Traveler trapped in the Delta Quadrant indefinitely, the EMH took over the ship’s medical duties as The Doctor. Little by little, his show adapted to become more human and infinitely more personable, making him one of the friendliest characters on the ship.

5 Christine Chapel

Played by Gene Roddenberry’s real-life wife, Majel Barrett, Nurse Chapel was a compassionate and fan-favorite character who cared for her patients with all her heart and skill. During her tenure as a nurse aboard the original BusinessShe worked with Dr. McCoy and harbored some not-so-hidden romantic feelings for Mr. Spock.

Eagle-eared fans will realize that Chapel had become a doctor by the time Star Trek: The Movie was released, and was seen trying to care for the wounded at Starfleet Headquarters in Star Trek IV: The Journey Home.

4 Phil Boyce

Casual fans may not know that William Shatner’s James Kirk was not the first (televised) captain of the USS Enterprise– That honor went to Jeffrey Hunter’s Christopher Pike. Aside from a certain pointed-eared jumper officer, Pike’s Business he looked very different from Kirk in terms of staff, including resident CMO Phil Boyce.

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Boyce was immediately endearing in his first real scene, acting more like an advisor to the beleaguered Captain Pike than a medic. Calm, patient, caring, and compassionate, Dr. Boyce had the bedside manner of a seasoned veteran. Although the logic of carrying a minibar in a purse instead of medical equipment must be questioned, there is no question that Dr. Boyce was immediately pleasant.

3 Hugh culber

Being one of the first openly gay regular characters in a Star trek Despite the series, Dr. Culber was one of the easiest characters to animate. Knowledgeable, compassionate, passionate, and motivated, Dr. Culber was not only committed to his patients, but also to seeking the truth no matter the cost.

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His death at the hands of Ash Tyler / Voq was as heartbreaking as it was visceral. His return as a conflictive and scarred survivor of the mycelial web was ingenious, but threatened to change his previous characterization with a new “dark and nervous” personality. Fortunately, Dr. Culber has embraced his roots and is his imminently nice self.

two Beverly crusher

When Dr. Crusher was first featured in season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, seemed rather cold and distant and was quickly removed from season 2. His return in season 3 seemed to accompany the writers’ attempt to develop his character a bit more fully, and Dr. Crusher quickly became one of the more important of the series. quietly endearing characters.

Dr. Crusher was a brilliant and passionate doctor, concerned with the well-being of her patients even above her own. After all, she I have advocate bringing a Borg drone aboard the Business for humanitarian reasons. She was also fearless in pursuing her passions and standing up for what she thought was right, as evidenced by her frequent confrontation with Captain Picard.

1 Phlox

Star Trek: Enterprise may have the ignominious distinction of being the least favored Star trek series aired to date, but there were some commendable aspects of the show worth mentioning. Aside from being daring enough to show the Emigrate universe in its infancy, Business featured some interesting and compelling characters that added to the overall fabric of Emigrate science.

Dr. Phlox was one of those characters. Phlox, of Denobulan origin, represented the best in a medic and an individual: he was passionate, knowledgeable, and open to new ideas – the very traits that make Starfleet officers excellent!

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