There are some Star Wars characters that are so instantly recognizable, so immensely iconic that they are known even to those who have no interest in the galaxy far away. No character fits that better than Darth Vader, one of the greatest villains in cinematic history and a main character in the Skywalker saga, the character whose rise and fall dictate the shape of the galaxy.

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There is no character in canon more explored, nor more consistently excellent than Darth Vader. However beloved he may be, there are still unpopular opinions surrounding the character, something Reddit can attest to.

10 Not interesting anymore

Darth Vader kills Tusken Raiders on Tatooine in the Darth Vader comic series

As mentioned above, Vader is a character with such depth, that he continues to be explored in all kinds of Star Wars medium, especially recently in the comics.

As fantastic as all its content usually is, Reward U / JoeCool2008 thinks Vader is so dominated that he is no longer interesting. While there are many who believe Star Wars you need to dig into new faces, it’s not a frequent criticism that Vader is too overpowered and uninteresting.

9 I would kill Padmé

One of the most fascinating aspects of Vader’s character is his attachment to Padmé that has persisted long after her death. Fans have seen flashbacks and moments shared between the two and it has been heartbreaking to watch.

rewarding u / TimberWolfII believes that if Padmé were to return somehow, Vader would simply kill her. This is an interesting take, as it seems that if Padmé somehow lived, Vader would probably kill Sidious instead. It would be a fascinating choice to be forced to make. Kill the woman he obsessively adores or stay on the dark side where he was driven by fear of his death.

8 The development of his original trilogy is jarring

Darth Vader tells Luke he's his father in The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Vader is one of the best and most memorable parts of the original trilogy, going from being a fairly one-dimensional, but immense, villain in A new hope, to a villain with a lot of depth and history in the next two.

In order to a Redditor removed Vader’s development is jarring and even absurd, going from certified henchman to Luke’s father. It’s a criticism that isn’t heard often, especially now with all the development and backstory added to Vader’s character. The Redditor thinks it’s more jarring than the reveal that Luke and Leia are siblings, which is hard to argue given their kiss on Hoth.

7 He’s a bad duelist with a lightsaber

Darth Vader is involved in all three lightsaber duels in the original trilogy, as well as an iconic duel on Mustafar in the prequels. While his battle against Obi-Wan on the Death Star is mediocre, the others are amazing to watch.

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rewarding u / Its_OPji thinks Vader is a bad duelist with lightsabers, at least in the movies. There is an argument when he loses his first against Obi-Wan on Mustafar, and Obi-Wan allows him to win on the Death Star. However, Vader’s power with a sword is well established, and his power and presence in a duel is second to none. Although he didn’t kill anyone in the original trilogy with his lightsaber, he is a menacing duelist.

6 Did not deserve redemption

Vader unmasked in Return of the Jedi

Darth Vader’s redemption arc is considered one of the best stories of all Star Wars, and brings a phenomenal ending to the original trilogy, with Luke Skywalker helping to bring his father to the side of the light.

Entry u / Thelongwayaround believes that Vader’s redemption was undeserved and that everything he did was unforgivable. There may not be many who will agree that Vader was a good person all of a sudden, but overall with the tragic life he led and the good that lay deep within him, that the part of Anakin deserved redemption.

5 He is the only interesting member of the Skywalker family

Luke and Leia Star Wars Last Jedi

The Skywalker family is full of tragedy and brilliance, with people like Anakin, Luke, Leia, and Ben Solo all blood relatives, and people like Rey and Padmé as well.

rewarding u / JESUS ​​NO thinks the only genuinely interesting member of the family is Anakin. It is not unpopular to say that Anakin / Vader is the most interesting character in the family, even in the franchise, but to say that characters like Leia throughout his life, Luke in The last jedi, and Ben in the sequels are not interesting is a very hot take.

4 Canto Bight> Vader’s Hallway Scene

The last jedi is undoubtedly the most divisive Star Wars movie out there. One of the most controversial and even unpleasant parts is when Finn and Rose travel to Canto Bight, a section of the film that disappointed many.

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rewarding u / amadeusthunderfunk clearly likes the scene as they claim it’s better than one of the more iconic Star Wars movie scenes ever; Darth Vader’s Corridor Massacre in Rogue one. That scene has been widely viewed as one of Vader’s greatest moments, while Canto Bight has been called a disappointment by many, making it an unpopular opinion.

3 A New Hope is the weakest original trilogy film due to the lack of Vader

Darth Vader enters Star Wars A New Hope

The original trilogy will always be seen as the best. Star Wars trilogy of so many fans, and all three films have something to offer, with A new hope is generally considered as one of the first two, usually along with The Empire Strikes Back.

rewarding u / IanBars places A new hope the last of the three, all because of Vader. Vader’s lack of screen time on A new hope Compared to the other two films in the original trilogy, it sets them the background. While Vader is one of the best characters in the original trilogy, it is rare to believe A new hope it is weaker because it does not have enough of it.

two I was better as a henchman

The idea of ​​Vader’s layered character and the numerous pieces of content that delve into his psyche and character surround many unpopular opinions around the character.

One of those opinions comes from Redditor u / javelinnl who thinks Vader was better as a henchman than a centerpiece, a prominent villain and a character with that cape because he outshines other characters. This is arguably true, as Vader can outshine characters with his presence and brilliance. However, with the amount of incredible content surrounding it, few will wish to be simply a henchman and nothing more.

1 Return of the Jedi sucks because of his redemption

Anakin's Force Ghost

The typical line of thought is that Return of the Jedi It falls at the bottom of the original trilogy’s rankings in terms of quality, usually due to some writing elements more than anything else.

rewarding u / Darkimus-prime he apparently agrees that he is the worst of all, believing that he sucks because of Vader and his redemption. For many, Vader’s redemption and the way Luke Skywalker acts as a catalyst for said redemption is the best part of ReturnIt’s certainly not the reason it’s a bad movie.

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