In one of The Office’s biggest continuity mistakes, the writers can’t seem to decide whether Pam or Jim started work on Dunder Mifflin first.

The office It’s not free from plot holes or continuity errors when discussing character backgrounds, with an example of whether Jim Halpert or Pam Beesley first started work on Dunder Mifflin. Jim and Pam are The officeThe greatest Will-they-don’t-they couple that changes the ending of the game in season 4. The first few seasons deal with Jim hiding his crush he has had for Pam all along, they have both been in Dunder Mifflin, while Pam finally comes over admitting her feelings for Jim in season 3.

Aside from Ryan and Kelly, Pam and Jim are known as the youngest employees in The office during the first seasons. The series reveals that Stanley, Phyllis, and Michael worked at Dunder Mifflin for more than a decade prior to the first season, while the timeline for the rest of the branch’s hires is a bit confusing. Unless the characters have been hired during the course of the show, the only information to continue is the word of the characters themselves, although many of their statements contradict previously revealed details. Keeping all the minor details of the characters in a show is difficult, but establishing the background of Jim and Pam’s relationship is relatively important, so it’s curious why. The office he would not keep a strict schedule for his presentations.

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In the season 2 episode “The Secret”, Jim confesses to Pam that he was in love with her when she started at Dunder Mifflin, implying that he was already working there before she was hired. Alternatively, once Jim and Pam started dating in season 4, Jim’s memory of their reunion suggests that she was there first. In the episode “Launch Party”, Pam and Jim go up to the roof and discuss when they realized they loved each other. Jim says he found out the first day when she showed him her seat and warned him about her new desk buddy, Dwight. But those revelations only deepen the mystery of who took a job at Dunder Mifflin first.

Jim and Pam at the office meeting at The Office

The suggestion that one started before the other is never confirmed since The office he never directly mentions their early days in reference to each other again. The only information provided to solve the mystery are minor details about their career backgrounds and how many years they imply that they have worked at Dunder Mifflin. In a season 2 episode, Jim shows the camera a photo of a young Jim and Dwight early in their career, where Dwight has much longer hair. The detail is minor, but suggests that Jim has been there long enough for Dwight to have gone through a younger phase of having long hair. Jim also makes it sound like Dunder Mifflin is his first big job, implying that he got it out of college and has already been there for several years.

On The officeIn the first season, Pam reveals that she has been engaged to Roy for three years, while Jim says that Pam has been engaged the entire time they have both been together. This implies that Jim came in second place if Pam had been there for more than three years. Although, Pam could have gone after Jim if she had started at Dunder Mifflin when she was already engaged to Roy. Pam starting first makes the most sense because she has never mentioned having another job or going to college, and being a receptionist is a job one can have after high school. Pam and Roy start at Dunder Mifflin around the same time, and Roy seems to have worked in the warehouse for quite some time leading up to season 1, so they probably both started once they realized they needed steady full-time jobs.

The most likely conclusion is that Jim and Pam started working at Dunder Mifflin around the same time. Jim says at the end that he spent 12 years teasing Dwight, implying that he worked there 3 years prior to season 1, which appears to be a similar timeline for Pam’s start time. The continuity detail is less, but The officeThe couple’s additional background makes it appear that Pam first worked at Dunder Mifflin, starting a little earlier than Jim.

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