Vegeta has outdone Goku by learning techniques his rival couldn’t, but the Saiyan Prince hates that his new abilities are “parlor tricks.”

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 73!

Weather Vegeta He always wanted to become the strongest warrior out there, he has worked towards that goal particularly obsessively ever since. Goku surpassed him by being the first to transform into a Super Saiyan, but now, as he achieves the seemingly insurmountable feat of surpassing his longtime rival in Dragon ball super, he hates how he did it.

Vegeta has always expressed his dislike for abilities that are not derived from brute force, and expresses this opinion on numerous occasions when he and Goku first confront Moro the Planet Eater during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Without a doubt, their most emphatic outburst comes after they are forced to retreat: “Stupid magic spells … stupid power of God … Saiyans pride ourselves on our physical power and nothing else. A warrior race doesn’t need fancy parlor tricks!“And yet Vegeta feels he has no choice but to travel to the same planet where Goku mastered Instant Transmission, Yardrat, to learn his own parlor trick.

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There, the Yardrats teach Vegeta Forced Spirit Fission, which allows him to return energy to its original source after being redirected elsewhere. The technique is quite useful during battle and helps Goku accumulate all the energy he needs to defeat Moro the Planet Eater. Surprisingly, Goku had tried unsuccessfully to master Forced Spiritual Fission even though he had exponentially more time to train. But Vegeta’s victory is bittersweet. The first technique Vegeta learns that Goku couldn’t is the kind of move that the Saiyan Prince thought of beneath his warrior race. As Vegeta said while on his way to learn said parlor trick “It is not a strategy that I like.

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Ironically, Vegeta may have surpassed Goku again in an equally unpleasant way by learning the trademark move from Beerus, the God of Destruction. Even though Vegeta has yet to use it in battle in chapter 73, the way he mastered divine technique is one of the reasons he never bothered to learn Ultra Instinct. During the Tournament of Power, Vegeta tells Jiren that he doesn’t want to be taught anything, as he prefers. “The fires of solo training.“And yet Beerus teaches him Destruction.

In the end, Vegeta must come to the inescapable conclusion that the only way he can truly surpass Goku is by putting aside his preconceived notions about what absolute strength really means and being a truly great warrior. Goku is not hampered by pride and only cares about getting stronger, while Vegeta has been chaining himself to arbitrary principles that weigh him down considerably. One of Vegeta’s main objections to learning Ultra Instinct was that he refuses to be in Goku’s shadow, but the Saiyan Prince has already followed his rival to become a Super saiyan. Vegeta is clearly capable of feats that Goku is not, but if he discards all paths, he is not the first to take. Y Anything that is not an expression of brute force will fail not because he is incapable, but because he is obsessed with rules that no one else expects him to observe. Vegeta has already overcome Goku in various areas, but he will never really acknowledge that fact unless he can take a less conscious approach to the techniques that work for him; hopefully, Dragon ball super You will see him make that final leap.

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