Mega Evolution, Dynamax, and Regional Pokémon Forms are just a few examples of Pokémon’s recent, and possibly unnecessary, cheat mechanics.

It is felt that in recent years the Pokemon The series has been adding more and more cheats to its gameplay features. The Mega Evolution, Dynamax, and Regional Pokémon forms are just a few examples of features that were possibly added just to bring something new and eye-catching to the standard combat mechanic. However, the developers seem to have forgotten that Pokemon you shouldn’t need any of these items to be fun. Instead, the series should focus on creating a solid fighting game that can stand on its own without the need for increasingly complicated tricks.

Stunt characteristics are generally defined as mechanics that are based on the tried and true standard Pokemon battle game, for better or for worse. Z-Moves are a good example of this. Introduced in Pokemon sun and moon, Z-Moves can only be used once per battle and serve as high-powered attacks that occur when a Trainer and a Pokémon combine their power. They encountered mixed responses when Sun and moon released, while some fans saw Z-Moves as an interesting concept, allowing more variety in a standard Pokemon battle, others thought they were too flashy and ultimately unnecessary. While Z-Moves might prove useful in competitive battles, all Pokemon The game had already shown that battles could be completed smoothly without the feature.

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Of course, Z-Moves was neither the first nor the last stunt to appear in the series. Dynamax and Gigantimax, both introduced in Pokémon sword and shield, are two of the most recent. Fans have even speculated that Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, the highly anticipated return of the Sinnoh region, will implement the trick of regional variants like those seen in the Alola and Galar regions. It has started to feel more and more like the standard Pokemon The battles have lost importance compared to these new and complicated mechanics, many of which are largely unnecessary in the normal game. The Pokemon Instead, the series should start to focus on how to polish and improve the basic features that fans have come to know and love.

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Pokémon battles don’t need tricks to be fun

The fact that even the first Pokemon games like Red Blue are still well loved by fans of the franchise thanks in large part to their simplicity should be proof enough that features like Z-Moves and Mega Evolution are not necessary for Pokemon players to have fun. As long as the game is engaging and rewarding, it should be enough to fight without relying on excessive add-ons. To some extent, it feels as if the Pokemon The series has forgotten the value of simplicity and instead started to move away from its core identity and strengths to find the “next big thing.” Pokémon sword and shieldThe open world is arguably another example of this – many players criticized it for feeling too empty in terms of substance, something that could have been avoided if the developers had simply focused on creating a highly polished but more standard structure. Pokemon Map.

Hopefully the launch of Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, which will be released in November, will help the series return to its roots instead of relying too heavily on new game tricks. However, it has not yet been clear how close the remake will stick. Diamond and Pearl PokémonOriginal Mechanics: The content that has been revealed so far seems to focus on visual review instead. Ultimately though, mainline games will be stronger without excessive additions. Given the upcoming release of several spin-offs Pokemon games, like Pokémon UNITE Y Pokémon Legends Arceus, perhaps the series can now seize the opportunity to focus on making its base game more true to the heart of Pokemon.

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