Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many very popular villagers. However, these eight characters are underrated and in need of a little love too.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is home to approximately 400 villagers. Most of these characters are somewhat unique in their own way. Some of them are absolutely adorable, while others have personalities that make them memorable. And while fans love to discuss who are the best and the worst of them, there are some highly underrated villagers who need a little extra love too.

The most popular villagers since New Horizons’ The launch has generally been Marshal, Raymond and Sherb. It’s not always clear what exactly it is about these villagers that makes them fan favorites. Maybe it’s your personality type or your character design. Some villagers can even gain popularity for their houses.

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With over 400 villagers in the Animal crossing universe, it is probably no surprise that many fantastic characters fall into oblivion. Here are eight underrated Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers who deserve a little more love and attention.

Aurora from Animal Crossing needs more love

Aurora is an absolutely adorable penguin with a Normal personality type. Her character design is very simple, but she still manages to be one of the cutest villagers in the world. Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What is special about him is that when he gets excited or surprised, his round eyes turn red. It’s a stark contrast to his calm demeanor, and it’s quite funny when it happens. Anyone who has Aurora on their island is lucky to have her.

Sprinkle from Animal Crossing is a sweet treat

Another penguin, Sprinkle, has a lively personality type in New Horizons, and she’s a bright turquoise color. The design of her character almost makes her look like a sweet gift, hence the name Sprinkle. Like the other penguins, the interior of his house is made of ice, but what makes it different is that all of his furniture is inspired by an underwater aesthetic, making it a great addition to anyone’s island.

New Horizons villager Genji is really a good sportsman

Genji is an athlete rabbit. The Jock personality type can be quite aggressive at times, but with the right villager, he can be quite charming. Genji is definitely one of those villagers who finds a good balance between the two.

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With its Japanese-inspired aesthetic, it has a really cool character design and an even cooler house. If players are looking for a great villager Jock, Genji is perfect, even if he often seems to be overlooked by many players.

New Horizons’ Katt is underrated

Katt, a brotherly personality type, is a feline villager. Its design is pretty basic, except that its canines are so pronounced that it looks like it could be a vampire. This, combined with her default black and red outfit, makes for a great spooky yet subtle combo for Animal crossing. Sibling villagers are always good to be around. When they are not causing some kind of drama, they really care about the player and how they are doing it.

Animal Crossing Villager Mint deserves more attention

An underrated Snooty villager is definitely Mint the squirrel. Peppermint is adorable because it’s a little squirrel, but it’s also literally the color of mint. To make it even better, it goes perfectly with your home, which is also mint, both inside and out. Mint is a very elegant and sophisticated character, but she can also be very affectionate. Players who love Marshal will love Mint too.

Drago from New Horizons is a literal dragon

There are many cool lazy villagers in New Horizons, but Drago really stands out. Her home has a fun design that will look great in any Zen garden. But more importantly, Drago is a dragon, which should make him a fan favorite. Instead, it seems that he is often overlooked by many players.

Animal Crossing’s shepherd is a cold villager

Marshal and Raymond tend to be the favorites of snooty villagers in Animal crossingBut the dog Shep deserves a little love too. It is an adorable sheepdog, whose hair covers its eyes. Snooty villagers are gentle and charming, and Shep is no exception. His laid-back, yet cool appearance makes him different from the rest, and he definitely deserves more attention.

New Horizons Villager Fang is worth the hype

Last but not least is Fang, a grumpy wolf. None of the Cranky villagers in New Horizons get enough recognition, but especially Fang. It is a beautiful icy white color and has a very elegant home filled with rich mahogany furniture. Not to mention, Fang will invite players he likes to go on a sailing adventure with him. He is like a grumpy but sweet grandfather who is always great to have around.

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