The latest trailer for Stories from the Outlands features Seer, Apex Legends’ most stylish hero yet, in an animation style that may seem familiar …

Apex legends introduces Seer in his latest trailer Stories from the Far Lands – Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis focuses on the upcoming Seer legend as it chronicles his life from birth to adulthood. According to the trailer, Seer is cursed with some form of terrible power. As the world turns its back on the bright blue-eyed boy, his parents train him to survive. This results in Seer joining what appears to be an underground fighting club, where he uses his mysterious abilities to defeat his opponents.

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While the trailer reveals little about how Seer will play in Apex legends, provides an elegant introduction to the character and a date for the reveal trailer for Season 10: Emergency. The next trailer will debut during EA Play Live on July 22.

Animation fans will certainly recognize the style used in Metamorphosis. The trailer is a collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and Passion Pictures, perhaps best known for their work on the acclaimed Netflix series. Love, Death + Robots. Images of passion created Winter Blue for the first season of the anthology series and Ice for the second season. Robert Valley, director of the two aforementioned animated shorts, also directed Metamorphosis.

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Respawn Entertainment remains silent on any specific information regarding Seer’s style of play. While several short videos were posted on the Twitter account, were largely cryptic jokes about the character’s origins. Several voice lines recently added to the game hint at Seer’s abilities; Caustic describes Seer as a coward due to his use of “subterfuge and detours”.

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If you want to see Seer when Season 10: Emergence finally launches, then you should take Apex legends. It’s free to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility.

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