The definitions of friendship and enmity fluctuate quite frequently in Attack on Titan, which makes the story significantly more realistic than most shonen analogs. Characters who are kind and compassionate in an arc may change their personalities to the exact opposite later on; the opposite is equally true and probable.

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In that sense, there is no character that can be considered purely evil, only that he plays the role of antagonist whenever the situation calls for it. As such, these so-called villains have often been responsible for good deeds, or whatever passes for one in Attack on Titan.

10 Floch Forster technically saves Erwin Smith

Floch Forster has been a pesky fly in the salve long before the formation of the Jaegerists, but he rescues Erwin Smith from death’s door and hands it over to Levi.

Despite the fact that Captain Scout chooses to save Armin rather than his Commander, Floch is truly courageous in leading an unconscious man across a living battlefield at great risk to his life. Unfortunately, there is little more to say about him in terms of positive achievements.

9 Rod Reiss recognizes his illegitimate daughter

Rod Reiss is forced to “disinherit” Historia when he is young, forcing her to change her name to Krista Lenz and avoid contact with her as much as possible. He only does this under pressure, but it is quite a cruel thing to subdue one’s son, legitimate or not.

Rod partially redeems himself when he offers Historia a chance to rule Paradis as the Founding Titan, choosing not to take power for himself, either because he is terrified of reducing his lifespan or because he wants to ensure that the Reiss bloodline remains in place. the power. However, it is sad that this change of mind lasts only a few minutes.

8 Pieck becomes a warrior to get better healthcare

Pieck is a steadfast warrior, performing her tasks without complaint, regardless of her nature. Deep down, however, he hopes that the Eldian people will one day free themselves from the imperfections created by their ancestors.

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To that end, Pieck does exactly what he’s supposed to do on Marley’s behalf, and not a fraction more. Interestingly, it is revealed that he accepts the responsibility of becoming the Chariot Titan due to his father’s illness, and the salary he received as a warrior would be enough to meet his medical needs.

7 Kenny Ackermann Raises His Nephew As His Own

Kenny and Levi talking during Kenny's death

A young Kenny Ackermann wanders the Underground City in search of his lost sister, Kuchel, and discovers that she had given birth to a boy without his knowledge. After his death, he decides to raise baby Levi on his own, despite acknowledging his lack of parenting skills.

Kenny trains his nephew in the ways of the world; in other words, it ensures that the child can handle himself without the need for guidance before disappearing from Levi’s life. It’s a really heartfelt moment when Kenny reveals everything to his nephew.

6 Gabi saves Kaya from being eaten by a titan

Although Gabi initially explodes into a violent fury when people dare to question her moral authority, interacting with the Braus family has a calming effect on her personality. It is so powerful that it actively strives to save Kaya from a pure Titan, killing the creature with a point-blank shot to its throat.

In a short but satisfying redemption scene, Gabi acknowledges that she is the “Eldian devil” she used to hate so much, mainly for all the innocent lives she has taken in her attempt to prove her loyalty to the wrong nation.

5 Reiner is torn between his goal and his morality

Reiner takes his role as a secret agent too far, becoming a strange mix of two personalities: Marleyan Warrior / Armored Titan and a member of the Scout Regiment. In fact, he switches between them so frequently that he is confused by the result of his own brutality, treating him as if he were a shocked observer unrelated to the event.

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This implies that Reiner has developed a habit of compartmentalizing his feelings, creating a clear distinction between what he needs to do and what is right. It doesn’t absolve you of your sins, but it makes you that much more humane.

4 Bertholdt helps Reiner maintain his composure

Bertholdt is not very talkative or sociable, but his friends from the Scout Regiment still like him. However, he betrays them early on by hiding the fact that he is the Colossus Titan that started it all in the first place.

On the other hand, Bertholdt is quite attached to Reiner, often trying to get his friend to calm down and think strategically. It can be argued that his presence helps Reiner see past his conflicting emotions and make the right decisions.

3 Zeke activates the Founding Titan to save Eren

As Reiner attempts to immobilize Eren (in his respective Titan forms), the Beast Titan orders Falco Grice’s Jaw to break up the fight and allow the Attack Titan to escape. Just as Eren is about to make physical contact with Zeke, Gabi’s attack takes his head off his shoulders.

Fortunately, the Beast manages to catch his brother’s severed head, allowing them both to access the Coordinate and meet Ymir Fritz. Zeke’s act saves Eren’s life, which is technically a noble thing, regardless of what the latter does later.

two Annie rescues Armin from the Titan Okapi

Armin’s affection for Annie is clear from the start, making it poetic perfection that she saves him when he is “kidnapped” by the mysterious Titan Okapi aboard Eren’s Founding Titan’s rib cage.

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Although supported by Mikasa and Connie, the Female Titan is encircled by various Titan opponents, at least until Bertholdt, Porco, Marcel, and Ymir decide to protect them. Mikasa manages to free Armin from her captor’s mouth, allowing Annie to grab him before he plummets to his death.

1 Eren agrees that he will lose all his friends forever.

Eren Jaeger is painfully aware of the horrors the world experiences due to his decisions, but what affects him the most are the thoughts of how his friends and loved ones think of him. In a time-displaced “telepathic” conversation with Armin, Eren claims that he wants to live and be with everyone else, especially Mikasa.

However, his actions have permanently stained his name in the annals of history, and there is absolutely no way he can ask people for forgiveness. Eren acknowledges this fact, which is quite admirable given how much he loses in the process.

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