bat Man it is Dc comics‘fundamental character in the modern era. The Dark Knight is endlessly popular, the movie star and the centerpiece of the League of Justice, among other equipment. This is due in large part to Batman’s rich history and lore, as dozens of extremely talented creators have worked with the character and crafted unforgettable tales starring Bruce Wayne since its inception.

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A good story has an arc, compelling characters, and exciting twists and turns. Shocking revelations and undermining what is believed to be established truth are excellent tools for creating a compelling story. Batman is no stranger to big twists and turns and reveals; in fact, they permeate its history.

10 Ra’s Al Ghul appears in the Batcave and learns Bruce’s secret identity

Ra’s al Ghul first appeared in Batman # 232 by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams way back in 1971. Ra’s al Ghul was a mysterious figure who already knew that Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same.

This was a significant moment in Batman’s history, as it was the first time in comic book history that one of his enemies (as Ra’s would prove) discovered Batman’s secret identity. Ra’s wasn’t the last, of course, as Hugo Strange, Amanda Waller, and Bane would replicate this achievement for decades to come.

9 The Joker shoots Barbara Gordon through the spine in a killer prank

Another of the most shocking twists in Batman history takes place during the Killer joke story of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. The biggest twist in this story is the jester ambush Barbara Gordon in her apartment. However, this is a strike against Commissioner Gordon; Joker doesn’t (seem) to know that Babs is Batgirl.

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The Joker shoots Barbara in the stomach, apparently a deliberate non-lethal shot that nonetheless leaves Babs paralyzed from the waist down and needing to use a wheelchair to get around.

8 The death of Robin (Jason Todd) at the hands of the Joker in Death Of The Family

Jason Todd in A Death in the Family

This sad story of Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo started with Batman worried about RobinThe near-suicidal tactics against the criminals, which end with Batman taking Jason Todd off the field while they figure things out. This leads Batman and Jason to search for Jason’s biological mother. Unfortunately, Robin and Batman are separated during this quest, and Robin is captured by the Joker.

Joker brutally hits Jason Todd with a crowbar before blowing up the warehouse with Robin inside. It takes Batman some time to figure out who was behind this atrocity, and the scars Batman left have never been fully healed.

7 Bane discovered Batman’s secret identity and brought him to Knightfall.

As mentioned above, Bane would also find out that Bruce Wayne was Batman’s true identity. It also delivered Batman one of his greatest defeats, breaking Arkham Asylum and putting Batman through the gauntlet of his worst enemies.

This reached its climax when a tired and battered Batman returned to Wayne Manor to find Bane waiting for him, and Bane breaks Batman’s back in the duel that follows.

6 The reveal that Batman had plans to take down the other members of the Justice League

Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins continued to plague Batman several times after that first encounter, but one of their biggest antics involved the League of Justice in a story called Babel Tower by Mark Waid and Howard Porter.

In this story, the League of Assassins begins attacking members of the Justice League with tactics specifically tailored to their weaknesses, personalities, and fighting styles. All of this is revealed to have come from Batman, who came up with these plans to deal with any JLA member should they ever go wrong. Needless to say, this created friction between Bruce and his teammates.

5 The revelation that the Justice League erased Batman’s mind during the identity crisis

Batman in identity crisis

Of course, the Justice League hasn’t been completely faithful to Batman either. During the Identity crisis In the Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales story, it is revealed that the villainous Doctor Light at one point discerned the secret identity of the Justice League members, and they used Zatanna to erase this information from his mind. When Batman objected to this, they did the same to him.

When Batman discovered this breach of trust, he was enraged and this led to another schism between Batman and the JLA.

4 The Return of Jason Todd as The Red Hood In Under the Hood

Under the red hood Batman DC

Jason Todd’s death turned out to be temporary, as Talia al Ghul put Jason Todd in the Lazarus Pit, which is also the secret of Ra’s al Ghul’s apparent immortality. Jason returned fractured and angry, and received secret training from the League of Assassins. She later returned to Gotham City as Little Red Riding Hood to try to cleanse her of her criminal underworld.

This led to an inevitable showdown between Jason and Batman in Underhood by Judd Winick and Doug Mahnke. Batman discovers that Little Red Riding Hood is Jason Todd, and the two fight. Jason escapes, and in the years since, Red Hood has become a fickle ally of Batman.

3 Batman killed by Darkseid at the climax of the final crisis

Final Crisis by Grant Morrison, JG Jones and Carlos Pacheco was an explosive event involving the return of Darkseid In a new and crueller ploy than ever. He began to establish a vast seat of power on Earth and to kill his enemies. Batman attempted to kill Darkseid using a weapon loaded with radiation bullets (such as the one used to kill Orion on Darkseid’s orders), but Batman was hit by Omega Rays, which apparently killed him.

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Superman finally manages to beat Darkseid at the end of Final Crisis, and the heroes mourn Batman. In reality, Batman was still alive, but he was lost in the time stream and there was apparently no way home. In the present, Dick Grayson took up the mantle of Batman with Damian Wayne, son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul, as Robin.

two Catwoman leaving Batman at the altar at Bane’s urging

With the arrival of DC revival Y bat Man By Tom King, David Finch, Mikel Janin, and others, it seemed that Batman and Catwoman might finally get married. Bruce proposes to Selena, and the two prepare for their impending nuptials.

However, Catwoman leaves Batman at the altar, and it is revealed that this was part of a long-term plan that Bane had to break Batman. However, there was another important revelation that accompanied this deception …

1 Thomas Wayne is part of Bane’s plan to take down Batman

Thomas Wayne The Button Last Battle

Thomas Wayne, the Batman of Flash point timeline, he was working with Bane to take down Batman. Bruce had already met Thomas during the Button cross with Flashand, apparently, Thomas was unwilling to allow Bruce to be Batman in any timeline. As such, he crossed over to Earth-1 to try to break up his son so that he was no longer Batman.

This included, among other things, having Bane kill Alfred Pennyworth and take over Gotham City and KGBeast shooting Nightwing. However, Batman eventually defeats Bane and Thomas Wayne and remains Batman.

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