DC Comics is celebrating Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary in a big way in October, releasing 12 titles focused on the legendary Amazon warrior.

Dc comics He is celebrating Wonder Woman80th anniversary in a big way. The publisher is set to release twelve titles in the month of October for the superhero’s birthday. The titles released in October will be a combination of commemorative releases, new series launches, and free comics. It’s going to be a great month for Wonder Woman readers who are going to be spoiled with the riches of Wonder Woman stories, both old and new.

The celebrations are headlined by DC’s upcoming YA anthology series. Wonderful women of the world, which will be released on September 28. You will follow real life heroes from around the world. Wonder Woman will serve as an inspiration for every pioneer woman. Real-life heroes include BeyoncĂ©, Serena Williams, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Greta Thunberg, and Malala Yousafzai, among others. In addition, the Super Spectacular 100 Pages Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary will be released on October 5. It’s a large edition that celebrates Wonder Woman in a variety of new stories from some of DC’s best talent.

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According to DC Comics, the first of the launch promises of the new DC series will be “one of the most unforgettable DC tales of all time. “That series, titled Wonder Woman Story: The Amazons, is a new DC Black Label series that will follow Diana Prince’s mother, Hippolyta, as she crosses paths with the Amazons for the first time. The series is set in the past as it tells the story of what led to the creation of Themyscira. After the male gods found out about the island, an all-out war began in heaven. DC’s next release will focus on Infinite borderAmazonian warrior star Nubia, who is ready to lead her own series. Nubia and the Amazons sees the new Amazon queen, who replaced Hippolyta after she left to join the Justice League, struggling with the challenges of being in charge of all of Themyscira. Nubia and the Amazons will be released on October 5.

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Wonder Woman # 780 will be available on October 12. Starting where Wonder Woman left off at Infinite border #0, Diana finally returns to Earth. However, it seems like a great deal of time has passed since the last time readers saw her on her journey with the Quintessence. When Wonder Woman returns to the mortal realm, she will wonder if the world has moved on without her. Also, the penultimate number of Black and Gold Wonder Woman reportedly will take readers to “an Amazon fairy tale.” The number will be available from October 26. In the Amazon, Wonder Girl # 6 will explore Yara’s superhero side as she tries to understand why she is who she is. Is she a hero or was she created by the gods as a destructive weapon to take down the Amazons? The issue will be available on October 26.

Finally, Wonder Woman: 80 Years of the Amazon Warrior is a special hardcover edition containing over 400 pages of Wonder Woman’s most iconic stories. DC promises that this will be a comic for all generations of Wonder Woman fans. With this, Wonder Woman: Adventures of Young Diana Special It will be a collection of supporting stories and will be released on October 12. Dc comics It also has three free specials for Wonder Woman Day. DC Rebirth’s Wonder Woman # 1 It will be republished for free on October 9. In addition, Wonder Woman: Thrown Tempest it’s also getting the special edition treatment, as well as Diana Princess of the Amazons explored by a young Diana Prince. In order to Wonder Woman fans young and old, October will be a special month with much to celebrate.

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