Breath of the Wild is getting a direct sequel with Link and Zelda himself, but this is far from the first time Nintendo has done it.

Whenever a new franchise financially impresses its publishers and its new audience alike, a sequel is expected, and The legend of Zelda the series is no different. From Obligations to Borderlands to Demonic resident to Mario, sequels have become extremely prevalent in the video game world, which is often exciting for fans of any hit series. The legend of Zelda has a plethora of games under its belt by now, and many fans are particularly excited about the sequel to the explosively popular Breath of the wild. It’s exciting to see Link’s journey continue considering that Zelda Games usually star a new hero in a different era from Hyrule, but BOTW 2 It’s far from the only time Nintendo has released a direct sequel to a previous one. Zelda qualification.

Unlike most stories, The legend of Zelda takes place over hundreds of years and stars in different incarnations of Link, Zelda, and Ganon throughout the games. It’s more of a story of generational conflict than anything else, which makes it a very satisfying experience to connect all the games using the long chain of knowledge. Zelda is known for. While it does create some confusion when connecting games in From Zelda timeline, it also allows players to freely jump into games in any order they want without fear of not knowing enough information to enjoy the individual story within each title.

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While most Zelda The games follow this format, not all entries in the series feature a new Link and Zelda. In fact, there are a fair number of games that specifically continue the events of previous entries in the series in the same way. Breath of the Wild 2 is doing. For example, fans of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker i would know that Ghost hourglass takes place right after and stars Link and Tetra. Tetra is kidnapped by the Ghost Ship while on a quest to find a new continent with Link, who later rescues her in the classic. Zelda Fashion. Fortunately, for those looking to play through each The legend of Zelda adventure, there are many other examples like this.

Other Zelda games that have the same link

The Happy Mask Vendor from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

One of the best known cases of a Zelda the sequel is Majora’s mask, that follows the events of Ocarina of time. It stars Link in the boy’s timeline after he leaves Princess Zelda and Hyrule behind in his search for Navi, but finds himself saving Termina from cosmic destruction. Another acquaintance Zelda the sequel is Zelda 2: Link’s Adventure which follows the events of the first The legend of Zelda play. Link is looking for the Triforce of Courage so he can wake up an old man. Zelda that has been condemned to sleep for generations.

Link also goes from defeating Ganon and saving Hyrule to being trapped in Wind Fish’s dream, as A link to the past hero stars in a host of Zelda games, including Link’s awakening, Oracle of the ages, Y Oracle of the seasons. Finally, he escapes and saves Holodrum and Labrynna from doom and carelessly stops the resurrected Ganon to end his long search.

Interestingly, the link of A Link Between Worlds is found in Heroes of the Triforce while disguising himself so as not to appear as the hero of Hyrule. He ends up saving fashion-obsessed Hytopia, just as he did Hyrule and Lorule before. Each of these installments helps to increase the tradition of their respective link, so it is exciting to imagine what The legend of Zelda The last hero will endure when Breath of the Wild 2 launches on Nintendo Switch.

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