The idea of ​​a Fast & Furious-Jurassic World crossover has gained traction recently, but it really wouldn’t work for the dinosaur-filled series.

A cross between the Fast and Furious Y jurassic world movies would only work for the former. As the Quick saga, as it is now known, has moved into increasingly scandalous territory, some have begun to propose the idea of ​​it crossover with Universal Pictures’ other great franchise, the jurassic world Serie. Sure, the idea of ​​Dominic Toretto and his team racing their cars away from prehistoric predators now seems a lot less absurd in the context of the franchise. The problem is that this is not a reciprocal trait with the jurassic world films.

The Fast and Furious The movies have gone through a metamorphosis like perhaps no other action movie franchise has since the series began in 2001. The fast and the furious, found its balance with 2011 Fast five, and came to F9. The evolution of the franchise is similar to a series of shark movies that ranges from Jaws to Deep blue sea to Sharknado, And at this point, the idea of ​​dinosaurs coming into the mix wouldn’t be the laughable Ave Maria it would have been as recently as Fast and Furious 6. Similarly, the jurassic world the movies have not adopted a similar degree of silliness.

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As the modern continuation of the Jurassic Park series, the jurassic world The movies are science fiction, but they still try to rely on some relative plausibility. The theme of the series remains one of the madness of scientific arrogance and man playing God, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ending with the dinosaurs now released onto the human population. However, just because dinosaurs now roam the world alongside humans, that doesn’t mean the tone and context of the Fast and Furious the movies fit them.

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On F9, the series sends Roman Pearce and Tej into space in essentially a homemade rocket, sees Dom use a steel cable to launch his car through a massive ravine like Spider-Man on wheels, and has dozens of other instances of the laws of physics. casually raped. With car magnets and devices capable of hacking weapons systems around the world, the series’ technology has also plunged directly into sci-fi territory. If Charlize Theron’s Cipher or the terrorist group Eteon unleashed cloned dinosaurs, it would simply be the latest quantum leap from absurdity for him. Fast and Furious Serie.

jurassic world It doesn’t have the same luxury because the series is still rooted in concepts of genetics, chaos theory, and scientific overreach. Even with man-made hybrid dinosaurs like the Indominus Rex or the Indoraptor, the series still clings to its roots of John Hammond’s idealistic showmanship and corporate greed picking up where it left off. The idea that Dom and company. they will be the ones to get fallen kingdomDinosaur outbreak under control with the power of cars and family works in the context of Fast and Furious, but it would be disastrous for jurassic world.

While dinosaurs, aliens, cyborgs or time travel are tools Quick saga now he could handle it easily, the dinosaurs of jurassic world fighting Fast and Furious‘Almost comic book style superheroes would only cut off the show’s legs’ underneath her. If it is the fate of Dom and his family to confront the dinosaurs before the end of the Fast and Furious series, life will find a way, but that way does not meet the dinosaurs of jurassic world.

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