The Flash just took control of Speed ​​Force’s surge energy, giving it a new “nitro boost” power that makes Wally West faster than ever.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Flash 2021 Annual # 1!

Wally West is officially DC’s new Flash, having completed his mission in space and time to remove a dangerous blockage in the Speed ​​Force, and emerging with a new “nitro boost” power that makes him faster than ever, even compared to other speedsters.

Wally’s journey concludes in The Flash 2021 Annual # 1 – by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin and Brandon Peterson – when Wally discovers that the blockade is Savitar, a speedy villain who tried “Become one” with Speed ​​Force, forging a pure connection with his power that makes him faster than Wally West or Barry Allen. Savitar’s presence within the Speed ​​Force has created disruptions in multiple realities, as the fundamental force of nature has sent waves of energy through the multiverse, sometimes resulting in disaster for several unfortunate enough speedsters. as to act as conduits.

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Exhausted, Wally attempts to confront Savitar, failing until a bolt of energy passes through him. The Flash is so energized that he can give Savitar a three-second advantage before reaching the villain effortlessly. It’s an amazing display of speed, especially since Savitar was already Faster than other speedsters, and once the battle is over, the super genius Mr. Terrific informs Wally that it is a permanent change in his powers. While the new Flash “hyper-energized” Speed ​​will not be an everyday occurrence, it is something you can resort to in extreme circumstances, giving you a “nitro boost” surge energy when normal superspeed is not enough.

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Flash 2021 new annual power nitro boost mr terrific

This new ability is a fantastic way to mark Wally really by taking the mantle of Flash, as Barry leaves Earth-0 for a mission to explore the Multiverse. The ability to activate an additional boost of speed means the Flash has a trick that none of his old foes will expect, and a marked advantage over other speedsters he may face in the future. Unfortunately, it can also be the thing that kills everyone he loves.

Future state: Flash revealed a world in which Wally West is possessed by Famine, a supernatural force that drains energy from metahumans. Using the Flash Family’s faith in Wally to lure them into a trap, Wally kills everyone but his mentor, causing Barry to lose sync with time to witness his devastation of Earth’s heroes as a “ghost.” incorporeal. While much was unknown about this threat, Famine’s ability to steal energy from others was linked to the Speed ​​Force. Fans had speculated that Famine could be the Speed ​​Force lockdown that Wally was tasked with cleaning up, but now it seems more likely that the villain is tied to his newfound powers.

The events of Future state are slowly passing through the DC comics, and while Famine has yet to appear in The flashIt seems likely that the villain could take hold in the new Flash if he uses too much augmentation energy with his new powers. Given the explosive energy-boosting potential he’s already displayed, it makes sense that speeding would cause Wally to need to borrow energy from others, awakening Famine’s vampiric potential. For now, Wally’s nitro boost is a cool new power that is sure to provide plenty of incredible high-speed moments, but fans should keep Famine in mind as they continue their adventures, as while Flash it’s faster than ever, it could be running towards disaster.

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