Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodThe co-stars are brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, and among them, Edward is the most prominent character whose decisions have the greatest impact in history. After all, the anime’s title refers to the arm and leg of Edward’s automail: he it is the Fullmetal alchemist.

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In some ways, Edward is a standard but lovable shonen hero, with classic traits like his incredible courage and guts in battle, his kind and empathetic heart, and clever underdog tactics in battle. He is also a talented scientist with a short temper, especially regarding his height, making him a standout among shonen stars. It can also remind viewers of a handful of other anime characters.

10 Tenya Ida is bright but very nervous like Edward (My Hero Academia)

Tenya Ida is a runner and his fighting style is based on speed rather than alchemy, which sets him apart from Edward Elric. Otherwise, however, these two characters have noticeable overlap, including their highly edgy personalities and rather short tempers. Tenya is known to worry about troublemakers quite frequently.

However, Tenya has good intentions and has a strong sense of responsibility. And like Edward, he is a very smart guy, gets good grades in school and at the same time has shelves full of advanced volumes that impressed Ochaco Uraraka. Ed wouldn’t mind reading them too.

9 Joseph Joestar is a clever prankster who annoys people (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Joseph prepares to fight Wamuu

Joseph Joestar was the star of the Battle tendency history arc, and even in his 60’s on Stardust crusaders, he was still a smart and funny action hero who always had a trick to get out of trouble. He is famous for saying, “You may have made fun of me, but I was smarter than you!”

That’s something Edward Elric would say, and both characters are known to use their brainpower over brute force to defeat most of their enemies (though they also have formidable strength). Both characters are also quite outgoing and tend to form petty rivalries or grudges.

8 Vulcan Joseph is brilliant but operates independently (Fire Force)

When first introduced, the brilliant manipulator Vulcan looked a lot like Edward Elric, as he has a sharp mind for science but doesn’t like being told what to do. He had turned down many offers to work for the eight companies of firefighters, preferring to operate outside the system.

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That’s similar to how Edward Elric is an official state alchemist, but he rarely follows orders. Instead, Edward and his brother have their own mission, and their allies must be people of noble dispositions. Otherwise, forget it.

7 Futaro Uesugi has a short temperament but good grades (quintessential quintuplets)

Futari Uesugi Quintessential Quintuplets

Ace’s student Futaro Uesugi has a little more patience than the fierce Edward Elric, but not much more. He prides himself on his good grades, and hopefully those good grades will get him to one of the best colleges, despite his family’s very modest income. She is also tutoring the five Nakano sisters, which is quite a challenge.

Futaro’s sharp wit and explosive personality make him more or less similar to Edward Elric, and like Ed, Futaro cannot abandon anyone in need. She’ll help those Nakano sisters get good grades, no matter what.

6 Kyo Sohma is a fierce Tsundere with a strong sense of loyalty (fruit basket)

Kyo Sohma surrounded by cats

Kyo Sohma has his strengths and his shortcomings, as does Edward Elric, and that makes him a finely balanced character who is easy to root for. Like Ed, Kyo has a short temper and is not quick to show his feelings. He and Edward are classic male tsunderers, with strong but well-hidden feelings for each other just below the surface.

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Edward has serious feelings for Winry Rockbell, and Kyo Sohma’s heart belongs to the lovable and kind Tohru Honda. Kyo won’t admit it too easily, but his actions speak for themselves. He will risk anything to protect Tohru from Akito and other threats.

5 Taro Kabakura is a bit aggressive but he has his romantic side (Wotakoi: Love is difficult for Otaku)

kabakura wotakoi tarot

This series is set in the modern office, not high school, but many of the same social dynamics are still in place. The four main characters are otaku locked in with eccentric personalities, and Taro Kabakura is simultaneously in love with and constantly fighting with his co-worker and friend Hanako Koyanagi.

Taro is an office supervisor and is comfortable coordinating teams to get work done on time. He is also known for his short temper and willingness to argue endlessly with Hanako, but this is how they show how much they care. Deep down, Taro cares a lot for his friends and would do anything to make Hanako happy.

4 Chrome works easily but has a creative mind (Dr. Stone)

As far as scientists go, both Chrome and Senku Ishigami have a lot in common with Edward Elric, but Chrome’s personality is what makes him the most Edward-like, unlike the serene Senku. Chrome may not be on Senku’s level, but he’s eager to learn, and has come up with some great inventions and tricks of his own.

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All of that, combined with Chrome’s easily excitable and enthusiastic demeanor, makes him strikingly similar to Edward Elric. The only major difference is that Chrome doesn’t seem to have a serious love interest.

3 Lucy Heartfilia is smart and has burning passions (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia is a smart and well-educated girl who makes the most of her Celestial Magic, with many gold and silver keys to summon a variety of Spirits into battle. She may not be a scientist, but her witty and insightful mind is on par with Edward Elric’s.

Lucy is also known to be very protective of her friends and allies, just like Edward, and she also has a lively personality. She may not have an explosive temper, but Lucy is easily irritated or annoyed, just like Ed.

two Uryu Ishida is brilliant and easy to work with (bleach)

Uryu Ishida is a skilled Quincy archer who has a lot in common with Edward Elric and Lucy Heartfilia. Uryu is usually calm and collected in battle and in everyday life, but if something scandalous happens or is disturbed by someone, Uryu is likely to lose his cool and respond immediately.

Uryu also becomes very defensive of his good friend Orihime Inoue, viewing her the same way Edward sees Winry Rockbell. And like Ed, Uryu is a cunning and resourceful fighter in battle, always one step ahead of his enemies Soul Reaper or Arrancar.

1 Sokka always knows what to do next (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

8 sokka on the day of the black sun

Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe may not have alchemy or control at his disposal, but he is a great strategist, inventor, and researcher – talents who have saved the day many times over. It was Sokka who discovered the solar eclipse, for example, and Sokka invented the whole concept of submarines, although his plans were certainly simplistic.

Katara, Aang, and Toph trust Sokka to plan their next move, and Sokka even helped devise the Fire Nation’s invasion plan. Similarly, Edward Elric always knows what to do next, and Alphonse often follows suit.

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