Felix Leiter actor Jeffrey Wright, who returns in the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die, says he was surprised not to be in Skyfall or Specter.

James Bond actor Felix Leiter, Jeffrey Wright, returning in No time to die, says it is “Surprised“He was not in Skyfall or Spectrum. 007’s CIA contact and friend was first introduced to Ian Fleming Royal Casino and went on to appear in five more of the author’s James Bond books. He made his film debut in 1962. Dr. No with Jack Lord in the role.

Although Leiter would never become a major player in the early James Bond films, he would return multiple times with multiple actors taking over the character. Cec Linder played Leiter in 1964. Gold finger, then gave way to Rik Van Nutter for 1965 Thunderball. Leiter appeared again in 1971 Diamonds are forever with Norman Burton in the role. David Hedison then took over in 1973 Live and Let Die, the only time Leiter would appear during Roger Moore’s Bond film series. Leiter would return for the Timothy Dalton era in 1987. The living daylights with John Terry in the role, and again for 1989 License to kill with Hedison getting a return engagement (making him the first actor to play Leiter twice). License to kill would famously see Leiter being mutilated by a shark during torture, prompting Bond to seek revenge. The character would disappear again during the Pierce Brosnan era, but returned with all limbs intact in 2006. Royal Casino with Wright making the first of what would be three appearances.

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Wright, of course, would make his second appearance as Leiter in 2008. Quantum of Solace and will take his third turn in the next No time to die. Among those films, two Bond films were made without Wright as Leiter, and the actor admits he was surprised when he did not receive the invitation to return for Skyfall or Spectrum. Talking to Total Film (via GamesRadar), Wright said: “The surprise for me was not being called in the previous two!“He admitted,”But it gives Felix’s appearances more weight if we don’t see him too often.. “

Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter in Casino Royale

Wright also spoke about Leiter’s relationship with James Bond, which picks up very early in No time to die, as the film opens with old friends catching up in Jamaica five years after the events without Leiter from Spectrum. “We wanted to establish what is at the center of this relationship between them, which is this brotherhood.”Wright explained. However, things don’t remain so haphazard for long, as Leiter soon tells 007 that Specter is back in business, bringing the supposedly retired secret agent back into action one last time.

It is obviously no surprise that No time to die It begins with Bond plunged back into the world of spies, as there would be no movie otherwise. And of course it makes sense for Leiter to be the one sent to get Bond back into the game, as he is arguably the only person in the world that Bond trusts more than anyone else. It’s also okay on the casting level to have Wright back for the final Craig-era Bond given the integral part he played in the first two movies. The James Bond series may not have needed Leiter to Skyfall Y Spectrum but it seems to play an important role in No time to die. Of course, it’s always great to see Wright in anything, as he is one of the most dominant character actors in film and television today.

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Source: Total Film (via GamesRadar)

  • No Time to Die / James Bond 25 (2021)Release Date: Oct 08, 2021

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