Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the popular protagonist of one of the biggest Shonen anime at the moment. My hero academia. Deku, a boy without Quirkless, has the opportunity to achieve his greatest dream of being a hero when his idol, All Might, passes his Quirk to him.

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Fans have traveled with Deku as he attends a prestigious high school in hopes of becoming the number one hero, worrying about every villain encounter and cheering with every hit. However, just because Deku is the main character does not mean that he is loved by everyone, as he has certainly made decisions and behaved in particular ways that have ruined his sympathy for fans.

10 Lacks motivation before meeting all the powerful

Deku and All Might

Deku’s dream since he was a child has never changed: to be a hero. Even after he discovers that he does not have Quirkless, Deku still claims to want to achieve that goal despite its improbability. While this is already an unrealistic goal for him, the fact that he doesn’t do anything to try and become a hero before meeting All Might leaves fans confused.

Before even meeting All Might, Deku reveals that Quirkless students can attend UA, which is what he hopes, but aside from his obsession with hero analysis, he has done little else to prepare for this future. It is not until after meeting All Might that he begins to train his body and practice in other ways to become a hero, things he could still have been doing before meeting All Might.

9 He sticks his nose in everyone’s business

Deku Sports Festival

Deku has a bad habit of getting involved in other people’s affairs, whether they want to or not. You can be annoyingly persistent even when rejected, refusing to give up anything or anyone you believe in.

While this idea is generally considered a heroic trait in the series, it’s also fair to say that Deku has a tendency to take this to the extreme. Fans know that he means well and just wants to help people, but that doesn’t erase the fact that some of his behaviors may seem harassing and unwanted. This is especially evident in interactions with classmates like Todoroki and Bakugo, where their attempts to help are not always appreciated.

8 Can be reckless in the face of a foul

Fight Deku

Deku may have massive impulse control problems, causing him to frequently put himself in harm’s way regardless of the consequences or his own well-being. While the idea that ‘your feet move without thinking’ is closely aligned with the series’ acts of heroism, Deku uses this notion to be impulsive to the extreme.

It can be difficult to watch Deku constantly throw himself into dangerous situations with hardly any concern for his own well-being. Even though you’ve been told multiple times that you might lose the use of your arms, this doesn’t stop you from getting into extreme situations over and over again. There is a good balance between being a hero and necessarily being reckless, and Deku has crossed this line on more than one occasion.

7 He is a boring protagonist


One of the most basic ways Deku ruins his likability isn’t necessarily something he’s done personally, but rather his rather boring nature as the lead. Deku’s simplicity is often overshadowed by his classmates like Bakugo, Todoroki, and even Kirishima. All of their identities and character development are bold approaches, although they are not the main character.

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Deku has certainly overcome the difficulties of being where he is, but he is not still as interesting as other characters beyond that. It’s hard to like Deku as much as other characters when it often seems like he hasn’t developed much beyond his identity as an aspiring hero.

6 Your constant flow of hydraulic works

Deku crying

Since the first episode, Deku has spent much of the series crying. While it’s understandable at times, at other times it just seems upsetting, especially at first when you feel like you’re spending more time crying than not.

Deku’s frequent crying weakens him as a character and undermines the role of crying more in the series. While being emotional is definitely an important aspect of her character, the excessive crying at first only deterred many fans from liking her as the lead.

5 Your beliefs may be overly idealistic and unrealistic

Deku Quirk

Deku is very stubborn in his convictions, even if they are not completely realistic. This is especially visible in his desire to save everyone. His need to save any victim from danger is idealistic at best, but his longing to save villains from their evil ways has the potential to be dangerous.

His belief that anyone can and should be saved is a difficult belief that has led some fans to dislike his unrealistic convictions. While this should be the ultimate goal of any hero, Deku’s stubbornness in this belief could lead to questionable decisions in his future as a hero.

4 Not very confident

Nervous Deku

Despite Deku’s growth to become a stronger character, he still seems to constantly lack self-confidence. Deku is often excited to look up to other heroes and his companions, but rarely, if ever, does he show the same level of excitement for himself.

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Deku is typically shown without much faith in himself, doubting himself and his abilities. He constantly cares about his Quirk and doesn’t always have the same pride in his Quirk and his self as his classmates. This is frustrating for fans, as while Deku has undoubtedly grown stronger throughout the series, it’s hard to gauge how much he has developed internally.

3 It’s too quick to forgive

Deku Bakugo High School

One of Deku’s most important relationships is the questionable friendship between him and Bakugo. Bakugo severely bullies Deku, presumably for years, making extreme comments that should never have been tolerated or accepted.

While Deku forgiving Bakugo isn’t bad in and of itself, the way he does it is questionable. It is obvious that Deku does not harbor any resentment towards his former friends despite what he says, and he never shows negative emotions towards Bakugo. Even now, while Bakugo has proven to grow into a better person, he still has to apologize for his heinous acts. Deku’s forgiveness of Bakugo looks bad and leaves fans frustrated and upset on Deku’s behalf, as he never seems to have held any resentment towards Bakugo or held him responsible for his previous behavior.

two You have trouble controlling your anger

Angry deku

Deku doesn’t always have the best control over her emotions, even without taking into account her frequent crying. This is most clearly seen with his anger, as he has shown a pattern of making serious mistakes when he cannot control his anger.

The biggest problem with this is that it has happened more than once, and while Deku is generally able to control himself after the initial outburst, the fact that it keeps happening is problematic. For example, this happens in his match against Shinso during the Sports Festival and again during Joint Battle Training. Your inability to control your anger during big fights will likely continue to cause you problems until you learn to handle it.

1 Deku can be too self-sacrificing

Deku and Eri

Deku constantly values ​​everyone else’s life above his own to a dangerous degree. While saving people is part of being a hero, with how far he goes and the situations he rushes into, it is a miracle that he is still alive.

In encounters like Stain’s, Summer Training Camp, and Overhaul, Deku constantly enters extremely dangerous fights against often older and more experienced foes to save someone else. While running into danger to help others is a heroic act, sometimes fans wish it would take it a little slower to commit to a plan rather than rushing blindly.

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