There is an interesting variety of friendships that bring with them many funny and awkward moments in New girl. From old college roommates Nick and Schmidt, to years and years of friendship with Jess and Cece, to new ties like Coach and Winston, there are wonderful and unlikely relationships on the show that fans cherish.

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As fun as team members can be, there are many heartwarming moments that are memorable and show how close the roommates are. As comical and chaotic as the show is, the friendship scenes are incredibly sweet and worth remembering.

10 Nick dedicates his book to Jess

Nick and Jess have their ups and downs, but one thing that remains strong is their friendship. After a trip to New Orleans, Nick returns and tells Jess about his time there and about the book he wrote, which he has been working on for quite some time.

As a way of thanking Jess for telling him to go to New Orleans and always believe in him when he didn’t believe in himself, he dedicates his book to him. This moment shows just how strong Nick and Jess’s friendship is, no matter what else stands in the way.

9 Winston is Cece’s maid of honor

New female screenshot of Cece and Winston

Winston is always there for his friends, no matter the cost. Winston is excited about Cece’s wedding, from helping her with the wedding dresses and always being there for her and Schmidt. Cece tells Winston that she knows that he is already Schmidt’s best man, but hesitates, asks if he will be her maid of honor.

For a moment, it seems that Winston is shocked and almost offended by her question, but he tells her that he would love to be her bridesmaid and has pure joy on his face. The duo Winston and Cece are an underrated friendship on the show, but they have sweet moments that fans love.

8 Taking Jess to Candy Cane Lane

The group goes to the candy cane lane to cheer on Jess.

After an unfortunate breakup during a Christmas party, Jess is understandably upset and her friends can’t help but notice. Nick and the crew are in the car, but he decides to make a stop at Candy Cane Lane, a beautiful place full of lights and Christmas decorations.

However, they are too late and all the lights are out. Eager to cheer for Jess, everyone starts yelling in the neighborhood for them to turn on the lights, and to his surprise, they do. Everyone jumps for joy, and that makes Jess smile, which is what she needed the most after the breakup.

7 Nick and Schmidt’s Cookie Wars

Nick rejects Schmidt's cookie

Schmidt decides to give Nick a cookie because he was thinking about him, but Nick thinks there is something else behind it and becomes suspicious. He can’t seem to handle the simple but nice gesture and eventually ends up giving Schmidt a cookie of his own, which annoys him.

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Nick then breaks down and says he doesn’t deserve Schmidt’s friendship, saying over and over, “You gave me a cookie, I bought you a cookie” until he starts to cry. The two end up sharing an endearing moment and hug him.

6 Jess chooses Cece’s modeling gig

Jess and Cece modeling

After spending Cece’s birthday with her model friends, Jess gets angry and says that modeling has made Cece dumber. Cece listens to him and things get tense between the two. Jess later ends up covering for Cece at a modeling gig.

Once she arrives, Jess realizes how difficult modeling really is and struggles during her shoot. The two sit together and both reconcile as they learn more about each other. Jess tells Cece that he is brave and that he has always been braver than her. The moment allows the two of them to grow in friendship and earn mutual respect for their careers.

5 Coach gets Winston’s crepe pan

Winston and the coach with the crepe pan

When the coach moves to New York with his girlfriend, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to bring anything that reminds him of his friends in the loft. Winston is particularly hurt by this and thinks the coach doesn’t even want to remember his good friends.

However, when Coach has his suitcase packed, the pancake pan Coach and Winston bought together makes a noise inside, and Winston’s face lights up. They both end up crying hysterically together, but this act of the coach is one that fans love.

4 Nick’s stays in the loft

Jake Johnson as Nick Miller in New Girl

Nick makes the decision to move in with his girlfriend and all his roommates think it’s a bad idea. Even though they have been given their thoughts, Nick is determined to move and they support him nonetheless. They try to move on and even find another roommate, but it doesn’t feel right without Nick, and one night Nick comes back and plays one of his old high school mixtapes.

Everyone dances in their rooms and celebrates Nick’s return. This moment puts a smile on everyone’s faces as they see Jess and her friends being together.

3 Schmidt and Cece’s wedding

Cece and Schmidt at their wedding in New Girl

After being on a plane all day when he’s supposed to get married, Schmidt is upset. However, when the elevator door opens, his best friends are standing waiting in suits and ties. Schmidt is in shock and asks them what they are doing, and they take him to the loft where more of his friends and Cece are there for him, and they can have their wedding after all.

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Seeing all your friends come together to help and make the day as special as possible is the ultimate gesture that shows your close friendship.

two Nick’s friends pay for his ultrasound

Nick gets an ultrasound on New Girl

Nick has to go to the doctor for an ultrasound to make sure he doesn’t have cancer. You have little money, but you need to get it checked. He leaves with the good news that he does not have cancer, and when he goes to the reception to pay, the woman at the reception says that it is already paid.

He turns to his friends and Jess says they all split the bill. This is a heartwarming moment, both because Nick does not have cancer and because all of his friends were there to support him financially and emotionally.

1 20 years of friendship

Jess and Cece fight over a yellow bag

After 20 years of friendship, it all boils down to an argument about a handbag that Cece and Jess see at auction. They agree that neither of them will get it, but Cece later discovers that Jess has the bag. Things go downhill from there and it becomes a physical fight.

They both end up in the hospital, and as they sit together, they recover pretty quickly and realize how stupid their fight was. Jess says, “I can’t believe I’ve known you for twenty years and you’re still my favorite person to talk to.” It is clear that there will be many more years of friendship between Jess and Cece and how nothing can separate them.

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