Ghost Of Tsushima’s PlayStation outfits are making a comeback, just in time for the one-year anniversary of Sucker Punch’s epic open-world samurai.

Celebrate Tsushima ghost First anniversary, developer Sucker Punch is bringing back the game’s alternate DLC costumes based on characters from other hit PlayStation titles like 2018. God of War Y Horizon zero dawn. These alternative cross-promo armors were previously available in December, but only for a limited time of a few weeks.

Tsushima ghost was well regarded by gamers and critics alike as a love letter to old Japanese samurai movies and a swan song to the aging PS4, winning multiple Game of the Year awards and hitting blockbuster sales figures after its launch last July. In the following year, players have engaged in approximately 333 million duels with samurai warrior Jin Sakai, plus countless hours combined stroking foxes, riding horses, and writing profound haikus amid the lush backdrop of the Japanese island of Tsushima. as they fought against him invading the Mongol Empire.

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Now you can continue these activities in style, as Sucker Punch recently announced that it is bringing back the limited edition. Tsushima ghost Activated PlayStation DLC Costumes Twitter a couple of days ago. These alternative outfits are inspired by God of War, Horizon zero dawn, Shadow of the colossus, Y Bloodborne, and can be unlocked by completing any Legends Story or Survival Mode mission with each multiplayer class.

Tsushima ghost Fans will have even more to celebrate in no time, as the upgraded PS5 version Ghost Of Tsushima Director Cut It is scheduled to launch in August. In addition to the expected improved graphics and added DualSense functionality, the Director’s Edition features additional story content in the Iki Island expansion, including an all-new island for players to explore, new enemy types, and even a new combat posture. The bad news is that fans will have to pay for the update and new content in stark contrast to games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales Y The last of us part 2, but it’s still very exciting for players looking to get back into action with Jin.

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Tsushima ghost The alternate PlayStation costumes were an incredible form of cross-promotion when they were first released last winter, so making them available again to commemorate the game’s first anniversary is a pretty cool move on Sucker Punch’s part. Players can now sneak into battle wearing the colors of Kratos or Aloy while waiting Ghost Of Tsushima – Director’s Cut next month.

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Fountain: Sucker Punch / Twitter

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