Space Jam: A New Legacy featured a hilarious cameo from the villains from the original film. This is how the role of Monstars is tied to the end of Space Jam.

Space Jam: a new legacy includes a hilarious Monstars cameo, which actually connects to the ending of the original movie. The Monstars were the opposing team during Michael Jordan’s game with the Looney Tunes in 1996. Space jam. The five characters were a group of tiny aliens transformed into highly capable basketball players by the talent stolen from NBA stars.

Instead of revisiting the Monstars and giving them a rematch with Bugs Bunny’s Tune Squad, Space Jam: a new legacy moved in a different direction through Al-G-Rhythm (Don Cheadle) and the Server-verse. While the original focused on aliens seeking to enslave the Tunes, the sequel focused on the concept of existing Warner Bros. characters in a virtual reality. By stealing the video game designs made by LeBron James’ son and the copied moves of NBA players in real life, the villain brought the Goon Squad to life. Since each character possesses a different set of powers and abilities, beating them proved to be quite a challenge for LeBron James and the 14 Looney Tunes characters on his team.

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The game between the Goon Squad and the Looney Tunes was watched by untold numbers of Warner Bros. characters, with one of the most interesting additions to the audience being the Monstars in their tiny forms. The Space jam Villains were briefly seen cheering on former foes and disappointed when James scored. As for how and why they were there, their inclusion, as well as their appearances, can easily be explained by the ending of the 1996 film. Their monstrous appearance is of course more iconic, but it’s important to note that they all came back. to their original sizes after losing. Michael Jordan convinced them to give up the talent they stole, as that was one of the conditions they agreed to if the Tune Squad won.

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The nerdlucks in Space Jam 2

The Monstars’ presence in the game was also made possible by the aftermath of their game with Jordan and the Looney Tunes. Following the defeat of their master, Swackhammer, the aliens announced their plans to move to the land of Looney Tune. The movie did not show whether Bugs and the others agreed, but the implication of this scene is that the world of the Looney Tunes became their new place of residence. It’s possible that, like members of the Bugs cartoon family, the Monstars were lured in and sent to one of the other worlds in the Server-verse, and then allowed to join the rest of the Warner Bros. characters. to watch the game. Their decision to support the Good Squad is a sign that while Space Jam ended them on good terms with the Tunes, they are still villains at heart.

The Monstars didn’t have much of a role in Space Jam: a new legacy, but his cameo served as a fun tribute to the original. And it served as further proof that Space jam it is included in canon with the second film. Even if Space jam 2 It feels a lot like a new story, there are hints that the two movies are connected. Sylvester hinted that they met Michael Jordan 25 years ago (which is when the original was released), and both Bugs and Lola Bunny made comments about playing basketball alongside an NBA star at some point in the past. Monstars’ cameo solidified the link between the two films.

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