Fans knew Spider-Man’s epic Sinister War would be big, but the comics just revealed all six teams of supervillains locked in this battle royale.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Amazing Spider-Man # 70 Y Sinister War # 1!

Peter Parker AKA the amazing Spider Man, faces an all-out war, as thirty-four supervillains rally against him at Marvel’s Sinister war. While recent troubles have seen Doctor Octopus assemble a classic Sinister Six for a grim conflict, Amazing Spider-Man # 70 revealed that the war is going to be much bigger than Spider-Man (and fans) realized, with Sinister War # 1 hinting at the scale of the conflict that will come when Sinister Six and Savage Six clash at the premiere of the film made by Mysterio and Mary Jane Watson.

On Amazing Spider-Man # 70 from writer Nick Spencer and artist Federico Vicentini, Dr. Curt Connors was attacked by Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, and the newly resurrected Electro. While Octavius ​​wanted the Lizard for his new Sinister Six, he didn’t want Connors. As such, the villains used Connors’ Genome-Isotope Accelerator to separate the doctor from his more monstrous reptilian self. Afterwards, Doctor Octopus and his four teammates reunited with Kindred, who recruited Octavius ​​to join the team in the first place. This is undoubtedly to torment Spider-Man in an endgame finale, and it also brings the team its sixth and final member: Quentin Beck’s Mysterio.

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However, Peter Parker will face much more than just six of his enemies in the next Sinister war. As revealed at the end of Amazing Spider-Man # 70, It appears that Kindred has met, manipulated, and / or planned for nearly every major villain Peter Parker has faced in recent years to get involved in the coming conflict, and it is clear that the Webslinger is going to be pushed into his very own predicament. . limits before Nick Spencer’s career comes to an end with the number 74. While Sinister War # 1 has yet to introduce all the players, fans see five teams already assembled, including the Sinister Six. The other supervillains vying for supremacy are the Savage Six (Tarantula, King Cobra, Rhino, Stegron, and Scorpion, led by Vulture), Foreigner’s agents (Taskmaster, Black Ant, Jack O’Lantern, Chance, and Slyde), the first Boomerang Revenge Squad (Hydro-Man, Shocker, Speed ​​Demon and a reluctant Overdrive, led by Boomerang), and the Syndicate (Francine Frye’s Electro, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, White Rabbit and Trapstr, led by Beetle).

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If that wasn’t enough, a wraparound cover was revealed for all four issues. Sinister war The miniseries featured the recently resurrected Rose commanding Fancy Dan, Ox and Montana, also known as Enforcers, and bringing the total to thirty-four, also portraying the mega-villain Kindred. Sure, things are about to get really intense with such a large number of villains. Sinister War # 1 He surprisingly saw Mysterio ditch his former teammates to save Mary Jane, but Spider-Man was quickly captured in the middle of a Savage Six vs Sinister Six battle royale.

At the heart of it all is Kindred, who seeks to torment Spider-Man with a confrontation that is guaranteed to put all of New York at risk. We hope Spider-Man can call on some friends and allies in his fight, such as the New Avengers, who recently backed him despite reminding him that he is a terrible friend, or his fellow Spiders like Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. . Regardless of how it all plays out, Spider-Man fans should certainly expect great things from the climactic event, as Kindred’s is very likely. Sinister war will alter Spidermanstatus quo for your next new era of Marvel Comics.

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