Valve’s handheld Steam Deck PC can struggle to run a variety of popular online multiplayer games due to the device’s Linux-based operating system.

In its current state, the recently announced Steam Deck will probably not be able to play some of the most popular Steam games.

As pointed out Pc gamer, the current list of incompatible games includes successful franchises such as Destiny 2, Apex Legends and PUBG Y Rainbow six siege. The culprit is apparently Steam Deck’s Linux-based operating system, which has historically struggled with compatibility with most PC games. While Valve has largely solved this problem, its solution still needs further development.

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To combat the limited compatibility of the Steam Deck, Valve has developed a feature it calls Proton, which “uses a fork of the Wine compatibility layer” designed for games made for Windows to run on a Linux system. The feature works for an impressive number of games, but problems start to arise when online multiplayer is included in the equation.

While games like Rainbow six siege Y Apex legends Technically it will run on the Steam Deck, the anti-cheat software included with many online multiplayer games will not launch through Linux. What this means is that players will be able to start and run the game, but they will not be able to log in.

Valve has confirmed that it will be significantly updating Proton in preparation for the Steam Deck launch. “For Deck, we are greatly improving Proton’s game compatibility and support for anti-cheat solutions by working directly with vendors,” he says. Valve explanation of the Steam Deck software.

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Steam Deck is Valve’s attempt to break into the portable console market. The device is apparently a miniature gaming PC, shaped like a Nintendo Switch. Steam Deck allows players to immediately access and play (most) of the games included in their Steam library. It includes a 7-inch touchscreen, a custom chipset (APU), designed in partnership with AMD, that will run as both CPUs and GPUs, and a variety of storage methods determined by price. The cheapest Steam Deck model comes with 64GB of slower eMMC storage while the more expensive version includes 512GB of NVMe SSD storage.

Steam Deck will begin shipping to select regions in December 2021. As for how much it will cost you, the 64GB eMMC storage version is $ 399, while the larger and faster 256GB NVMe SSD version is priced at 529 dollars. Finally, the 512GB NVME SSD version of the Steam Deck costs $ 649.

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