In a new interview, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow writer Tom King teases Supergirl’s upcoming love story, and it’s not exactly how readers would expect.

SupergirlThe next love story in the comics is about to begin, however, it is not what readers might expect. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow It started with an explosive first number in which Supergirl met a young alien named Ruthye. Supergirl had been celebrating her twenty-first birthday on another planet, away from Earth’s yellow sun so she could get drunk. Here, Supergirl’s heroic instincts kick in, even when she’s completely lost. Supergirl beats up an assailant who stole Ruthye’s prized sword, thus beginning their journey together.

At first, Supergirl is very resistant to Ruthye due to her request to kill her father’s murderous Krem. However, when Supergirl was about to leave and return to Earth, both she and Ruthye were attacked. Krem’s surprise assault was deadly, despite the fact that Supergirl scared Krem off in the end. Still, Krypto the Superdog dies. Her death puts Supergirl on her next adventure, as she vows to do anything to take down the Krem, including traveling for months on a cosmic bus.

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In an interview with SyFy Wire, writer Tom King reveals Supergirl’s next steps. Supergirl has accepted Ruthye’s request to hunt down the Krem, no matter what it takes. This leads Supergirl, who has no ship, to a space bus stop where she and Ruthye’s long-distance bus ride through space awaits. His fate remains unknown, but one thing that is for sure is that the Krem is hiding there. And this time around, Supergirl won’t be as forgiving, as it looks like she can break her and Superman’s biggest rule, don’t kill. But on their bus ride, King teases that a love story will begin, but not in a conventional way.

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King said that “In many ways, this is a love story. It is not a romantic love story, but a love story between these two characters, Kara and Ruthye, and this is the beginning.“Since the first details of the series were announced, it has become clear that Ruthye and Supergirl would become friends. It is exciting to see King refer to her as a love story, in the sense that, specifically, Ruthye admires Supergirl so much. that he basically falls head over heels in love with her. The previews highlight Ruthye’s pure and endless admiration for Supergirl, but for now, Ruthye is just a partner on the same mission.

To round out his explanation of Supergirl and Ruthye’s relationship, King explained where the ‘romance’ of the two-month bus ride was inspired. He claims he borrowed a lot from Frank Capra’s 1934 film It happened one night, which features two strangers who meet on a bus. It’s a pretty obvious reference, but it’s great to see King come out and poke fun at his inspirations, as his thoughts may validate the reactions of some fans when they read. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow # 2 when it is released on July 20.

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