Netflix’s Atypical is definitely a tear-jerker, but unfortunately it does a disservice to two characters who had major roles in previous seasons.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Atypical season 4, which is now streaming on Netflix.

The fourth and final season of Netflix Atypical it’s definitely a tear-jerker, with Keir Gilchrist’s Sam finding out his short-term future and taking some time off from college to head to Antarctica. But as comforting as it is to see the family making big decisions with him, the show does a disservice to two characters who have had significant roles in previous seasons.

The first is Evan, the ex-boyfriend of Sam’s sister, Casey. He was with her on the spur of the moment, falling in love with her after Casey defended her sister, Beth, against a bully. They then dated for a while, with Evan helping Casey through his mother, Elsa, cheating on his father, as well as in many cases where Sam had autistic seizures. He became part of the family and even Sam wanted him as a mentor.

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That quickly fell apart when Casey left Newton to go to high school on an athletic scholarship and fell in love with Izzie. Season 4 now has her discovering her bisexual identity after leaving him, but she’s struggling with labels and the setting. Sadly, between Izzie’s immaturity and pressures from academics, expectations, and a UCLA scholarship, Casey becomes depressed.

However, Evan is not the person she turns to. It is shocking since he knows her best and would be ideal to help her because he still loves her. He is supposedly a friend, yet they text only once a season even though he works with his father as an EMT trainee. He asks for her a couple of times, but his bow has dropped to the point where it’s like he doesn’t exist. Evan has just been relegated to a few scenes talking to Doug about mortality.

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The fact that Casey needs self-discovery help and gets it from Abby, one of Sam’s friends, feels bad too, as she’s a supporting character. It makes Casey understand that he may need to get back into his comfort zone at Newton, but this is what Evan was telling him last season. It really undoes the nuance of your past relationship. If he had helped, overcoming her traps and making her reconcile with Izzie as well, it would show great maturity and that soulmates don’t necessarily have to be lovers.

Second, the show spoils Julia, Sam’s therapist and the woman he had a crush on in season 1. He left Paige to haunt Julia, and while they had a massive argument, Julia stayed in touch and gave advice like an aunt. She and Elsa also became close when Julia’s husband left her to raise their newborn Hanzo, completely alone. Elsa was in a similar situation when Doug abandoned them after Sam was diagnosed, so Julia might have considered more than just a professional that Elsa ventured to. It would have been great for the moms to see Elsa helping her with the child as well, consolidating their sisterhood.

With Doug and Elsa’s marriage arranged, they didn’t need Julia for anything other than guidance on Sam’s desire to spend time in Antarctica. With Doug being depressed over the death of his friend, Elsa saddened by her mother’s dementia, and Izzie’s mother being negligent, there were also many other angles that fit Julia’s counseling in the past.

Sadly, Julia appears in only one scene when Sam needs help completing a survey for the school. It’s a shame because while training for his cold ride, making crucial decisions that would affect his future, Julia would have been ideal for it, as she was the one he talked to about this dream and the one who encouraged him. She was there for so many formative moments and this too would have ended her story well. Furthermore, it would prove that he considered her a trusted friend and that she left her sickly adolescent obsession behind her.

Netflix’s heartfelt coming-of-age series Atypical recently released its fourth and final season. All four seasons of the series are currently streaming on Netflix.

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