The worst of The vampire diaries is that not everyone is in all seasons. No matter how attached fans are to a character, actors often leave the show for other projects, or the series decides it’s more beneficial to kill them.

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While the plot is an entertaining aspect of the supernatural drama, the characters are the ones who make or break it. The vampire diaries relies heavily on romance, and Elena Gilbert’s departure ended the central love triangle. But Elena wasn’t the only one who left the show too early, as there are several characters that fans wish they could have stayed in longer.

10 Kai parker

The villains are so well written that it’s easy to get attached to them like the rest of the cast. Kai wasn’t a nice person, by no means, but to be fair, no one on the show is. His complete lack of empathy made his scenes comical, as he was never affected by the amount of chaos he caused.

His love of social media is one of the best running jokes on The vampire diaries and his interactions with Bonnie and Damon are especially entertaining. Kai could have been used in more than one season, but at least he appeared one more time before appearing as a guest star on Legacies.

9 Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah sets herself apart from the rest of the Mikaelsons due to her desire to be human. Despite being one of the most powerful creatures on the planet, Rebekah was willing to give up everything to be a normal teenager. She wore her heart on her sleeve, which is what made her such a complex person.

Rebekah wasn’t that different from the other characters as they tried to make her look like, as every horrible thing she did was because she loved her family. On The vampire diaries Season 4, the emotional vulnerability that Rebekah displayed made her the beating heart of the show. When she left to star The originals, nothing felt the same.

8 Anna zhu

Anna Zhu smiling in The Vampire Diaries.

Anna had one of the most heartbreaking deaths in The vampire diaries And it almost pushed Jeremy to the limit. She was one of the only vampires in season one other than Stefan who had pure intentions.

All Anna wanted was to be reunited with her mother, which showed how Anna really was a fifteen-year-old at heart. Because he never intended to hurt anyone, his death was especially unfair. Anna returned briefly as a ghost, but it still wasn’t enough.

7 Vicki donovan

Vicki Donovan in The Vampire Diaries

Vicki may not have been a popular character, but she was an interesting one. Her life was never dull, and the show started picking up speed the moment Damon turned her into a vampire.

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Vicki had a lot going on below the surface, and while that doesn’t excuse her actions in the afterlife, it made her unpredictable. Unlike Caroline and Elena, Vicki didn’t care about saving her humanity. It would have been an interesting story to tell if the show had decided to keep her close.

6 Zach Salvatore

Zach wasn’t very entertaining, but it was because he never got a chance to be. There are so many unanswered questions about her own life and her relationship with the Salvatore brothers.

Most vampires have family trees that they can follow, but why did Stefan look for Zach? And why did Zach accept him as his family knowing what he was? Even if the series was intended to kill him, it could have received more background or appeared more frequently in flashbacks.

5 Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert

Elena is a heroine that fans seemed to hate in The vampire diaries. There were reasons to like and dislike her, but a love triangle can make it difficult for anyone to look good. But regardless of viewers’ personal opinions of the character, Elena was the glue that held the show together.

Her romances with Damon and Stefan were the main draw, and after she left, the story changed course. Team Stefan fans might even have gotten their wish if Elena had stayed on board a bit longer, as the showrunner admitted in to Term interview that they wanted Stefan and Elena to get back together.

4 Lexi Branson

It could be argued that Stefan and Lexi had the best friendship in The Vampire Diaries. They never gave up on each other, and Lexi was the only person who understood Stefan to the core. Lexi didn’t leave the show forever after her death and continued to appear as a ghost and in flashbacks.

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While Lexi is a character that is always good to have around, her appearances were special because of how rare they were. Lexi always showed up when Stefan needed her most, and that made already emotional moments even more difficult. Stefan would have liked to have Lexi full time, but her visits were bittersweet.

3 Jenna sommers

Jenna Sommers in The Vampire Diaries.

Jenna turning into a vampire so Klaus could sacrifice her was a plot twist that no one saw coming. The Vampire Diaries. Of all the characters, Jenna was the only one who remained completely pure. She was just a young woman who loved her family and was doing her best to raise two teenagers alone.

Fans had been waiting for Jenna to find out the truth about Mystic Falls for two seasons, but they never got to see how it affected her. It was a plot that should have been worked out, but Jenna was killed before the information had too long to resonate.

two Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus with a worried look as he talks to someone off camera.

Klaus was one of the main characters that viewers missed the most. He remained in the universe for The originals spin-off, but he was part of what he did The vampire diaries so loved. The show It peaked when Klaus became a series regular and went downhill after he left.

Klaus and Caroline were the fan favorite couple, but they ended up on separate shows before their relationship had a real chance. Klaus was the perfect mix of hero and villain, and there are still no characters like him in The vampire diaries universe.

1 Katherine pierce

Vampire Diaries Katherine

When Nina Dobrev left the show, Elena wasn’t the only one to stop appearing. Katherine was murdered the season before the actress’s departure, but the question arises as to whether Katherine would have stayed if Nina had.

There is no other explanation for killing such an entertaining character, especially when Katherine is the only one who came close to filling the void left by the Mikaelsons. Her appearance in the series finale wasn’t enough and Katherine deserved more as a person and as a character.

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