With the success of the Batman and Superman animated series, DC Comics and Warner Brothers worked together to update the Justice League for the 21st century. The result was 2001-2003 League of Justice cartoon followed by Unlimited Justice League. Both were broadcast on Cartoon Network.

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Its combination of action, humor, and teamwork isn’t just for fans of the American superhero genre. It is also for those interested in shonen anime. This subgenre of animation shows focuses on the same themes for young male adolescents.

10 My Hero Academia is the most logical option

Where the first League of Justice focuses on the core team, Unlimited attracts almost every DCAU superhero. Plus, it’s a training ground for some of the younger heroes who are being asked to join. This theme fits very well with that of My Hero Academia.

One of the most popular shonen The 21st century focuses on Izuku Midoriya, a young man who does not have a metahuman power named Quirk. Despite this, he wins the admiration of All Might, a Superman-like hero, after he rescues a classmate. From there, he is admitted to UA High School to begin his superhero education.

9 Dragon Ball Z introduces teamwork

League of Justice it’s about teamwork. Regardless of whether it is small groups or all members, one is supported by the other. Nobody is left behind.

It is the same in Dragon Ball Z. In this series sequel to the original Dragon Ball, Goku is now an adult with a son named Gohan. Together with his friends and allies, they fight aliens like Vegeta and supernatural beings. All in the course of leaving no one in danger.

8 Voltron: Legendary Defender is all about heroism

Cast of Voltron: Legendary Defender

From Netflix Voltron: The Legendary Defender has a lot of shonen elements to it. It is also similar to the themes of League of Justice. In other words, the series fits into several categories.

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Voltron it’s about teamwork. After all, if the group doesn’t work together, they can’t form the giant robot that saves galaxies. So despite their differences outside of the Lions, they must band together to fight the great forces of evil.

7 Fire Force are fighters against evil

Cast of Fire Force

On League of Justice, evil is found in many places. It can be in the open through creatures like Darkseid. Or it may be hidden from people like Lex Luthor. However, when it rears its ugly head, the League is there to extinguish it.

The fire brigade of Fire force literally extinguish evil. They live in a dystopian society where people called Infernales spontaneously burst into flames. Company Eight’s job is to prevent them from hurting others and to protect the rest of society from the next generation of these creatures called Demons.

6 Soul Eater is the darker side of Justice League

The main cast of Fire Force

League of Justice has moments of darkness. Particularly in the first season of United when an underlying group tries to discredit the team. Fans of these episodes would enjoy the more melancholic themes of Soul Eater.

Instead of a group made up of people with superpowers, individuals with unique abilities transform into powerful weapons. These are manned by his meisters. Together some of the heroes of Soul Eater they are unstoppable.

5 Fairy Tail has a great cast like Justice League Unlimited

The cast of Fairy Tail

The fans enjoyed Unlimited justice league due to the huge cast of characters. In addition to the founding members, the team members came from the international version of the team, the Outsiders and the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Who like this League of Justice iteration would also enjoy Fairy tale.

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Instead of superhero teams, the characters in this shonen anime are members of magical guilds. It begins with Natsu Dragneel, who has the powers of a dragon, and Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial mage. Finally, they team up with a flying cat, an ice wizard, and a knight in magical armor. What Fairy tale It continued, the cast of good and bad magicians continued to increase.

4 Pokémon has its own rogues gallery

Original cast of Pokémon

Pokemon It’s unique shonen anime. First, the combined series has been running for more than two decades. Second, during this time, the show has developed its share of regular villains. In turn, Ash Ketchum and his friends are continually confronted by a well-known rogues gallery.

The same is said of the heroes of League of Justice. Individually, they have their own rogue galleries. Together, they tend to take on the same evildoers in the form of Luthor, Brainiac, and Darkseid.

3 The Seven Deadly Sins delves into Wonder Woman-like mythologies

escanor and mael from seven deadly sins

The American superhero genre has gone a long way into mythology. Heroes like Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Thor regularly enter this world. Therefore, fans of the Amazon Princess and the Great Red Cheese would enjoy The seven capital sins.

The main protagonist is Meliodas, a seemingly young man who was once the captain of a group of knights called the Deadly Sins. It is actually a 3,000 year old demon who starts a Holy War. What Unlimited justice league, this anime has dozens of cast members.

two Naruto is about fighting for justice regardless of your power

Naruto Manga Cover

There is a helpless element to League of Justice. Despite its enormous power, there is an underlying mistrust among the public. Therefore, they need to do their job without appearing to want to take over. In other words, they don’t want to become the Lords of Justice.

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Naruto has this helpless feeling too. The shonen The anime features a character who is despised by his village because he is the possessor of Nine-Tails, a powerful fox who originally attacked his village. He maintains this evil while simultaneously showing the village population that he is a good person who wants to protect them.

1 Yu Yu Hakusho is a hero who faces villains

Cast of Yu Yu Hakusho

The oldest shonen anime in this list, Yuyu Hakusho is the most similar to League of Justice. It is about a team of heroes who fight against evildoers to recover the necessary artifacts. The main character, Yusuke, was a criminal who, in a burst of altruism, sacrifices himself to save another.

That is what the League does regularly. They end up sacrificing themselves to save innocents. Flash did this in Unlimited when he became the Speed ​​Force to destroy a Luthor-Brianaic hybrid.

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kazuma sato from konosuba makoto and haruka from free and ryuko from kill la kill

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