Yesterday, Ubisoft showed a teaser graphic for its next installment in the Tom Clancy franchise. But a Twitter user has also uploaded a game.

Ubisoft tweeted that the reveal of a new Tom clancy The game arrives today, and some folks have already had hands-on experience with the title. Details about the game are unclear ahead of the announcement. Many fans expected that Rainbow Six extraction It would be the only new game in the franchise this year, but Ubisoft seems to have more planned.

Tom Clancy games are as well associated with strong storytelling experiences as they are with competitive multiplayer action. One of his most popular titles, Rainbow six siege, has an esports league and Ubisoft hosted the biggest tournament in the game until last year. Players have even come out of retirement to participate. While it has been speculated that the next game could be the next installment of the Splinter cell series, it is more likely to be a new competitive shooter game.

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The footage, posted on Twitter by TmarTn, shows a first person game reminiscent of CS: GO Y valuing. It’s only 11 seconds long, but the HUD, gameplay, and environment reveal a ton of little details. It looks like a multiplayer title at first glance, and the first look at the game shows a player getting two kills in quick succession. Tom Clancy’s new game reveal will take place at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT today, July 19.

The map it is played on is bright and colorful and from the visible posters and displays could have the theme of a zoo. A pop-up window to the right of the video with the text “Get kills: 60/60“indicates that achievements or missions are potentially already integrated into the game experience. A set of icons near the top of the screen can show that the game mode being played depends on capturing points on a team’s map And it might be too much It’s early to say for sure, but a stylized diagram at the bottom of the game’s video could hint at the player’s abilities, which could make today’s presentation for a champion-based shooter.

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Following the critical, albeit controversial, success of Rainbow six siege, all these details seem to confirm that the next Tom clancy The title will be a new multiplayer FPS. And it’s not unbelievable that the new game could have champion-like abilities, since Siege it also had specialized gameplay for its different characters. SiegeInclusion in esports may lead Ubisoft to launch more games on the competitive scene.

Earlier this year, a leaker posted screenshots for a supposed upcoming Ubisoft multiplayer game called The division BattleCat, “and this video could be corroboration of that rumor, especially after The division it’s a Tom clancy qualification. But it is impossible to confirm so far if that leak and the next game are the same. Ubisoft could have scrapped or renamed the game after the leak. In any case, the full reveal is coming very soon, so don’t wait long until the precise details are available.

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Fountain: TmarTn / Twitter

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