The current season of Happily Ever After is packed with fans. Now, critics are calling for the entire cast to step out of the 90-day fiancé franchise.

The current season of 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? has been called upon by fans of the franchise, who strongly feel that everything 90 day fiancé The spinoff show should be recast. Even fan-favorite former season 6 star Yara Zaya is coming under fire as fans express anger and frustration over current plot lines. Many viewers believe that the current cast is recycling repetitive dramas and scripted plots, which has led to high levels of viewer dissatisfaction with Happy forever season 6.

Viewers are unhappy with any of the current couples as many are contemplating divorce and remain in unhappy situations. Viewers are also disappointed in how the scripted plot lines feel, especially when it comes to the Potthast family. Fans discover that Libby and Andrei Castravet are caught in the middle of a repetitive family drama that appears to be played out on camera. Meanwhile, many viewers find that 90 day fiancé the franchise sank to a record low this week. Viewers were horrified to witness a graphic scene featuring Angela Deem. Angela upset viewers when she revealed herself to her husband, Michael, during a sexually charged phone call to show him the results of his plastic surgery. Many fans are disgusted to see what the franchise has become and are bothered by how much it has changed for the worse over the years.

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One viewer brought to Reddit to express that the entire season of Happy forever it was a disaster. “I’d be THRILLED if they never featured anyone again in this current season in future seasons,“user captioned post.”Yawn. I was beyond bored with last night’s episode. Also, I can’t believe they actually broadcast the ‘phone sex’ scene with Angela and Michael. Stupid. NONE of these current stories is interesting enough to continue! Now that COVID is dying, I hope they will film a new season with new faces in the near future., “The user ended the spiel. Many commenters agreed that the current season left a lot to be desired and that Angela was the worst aspect of the show.”I can’t stand the way Angela talks to Michael. it really messed me up this season,“One viewer agreed. Others echoed that Angela needed to be canceled.

Angela Deem Why use a mask in 90 Day Fiance 2?

Many viewers believe that the entire spinoff show needs to be re-broadcast. “I liked it when the main show started and we got to see new couples every season. Honestly, I never liked returning couples. Very few are the ones I ever wanted to see again and the ones that would have been in just one season“wrote one commenter.”Couples you want to see again tend to avoid it because they don’t really have a reason to do it again. I wonder if fewer and fewer people want to do HEA with the way it keeps getting worse,“observed another person. Others agreed that too many story lines and pairs were being recycled in Happy forever. “My biggest problem with them recycling the same couples year after year is that the longer they are on the ‘drama’ and more fabricated sets and sometimes obviously scripted, they have to invent to keep those TLC checks coming.“observed a fan.

Viewers have expressed in the past that they would like to see new couples on Happy forever Or rotate the cast each season. That way, fans could catch up with older couples after taking several seasons off. This would allow couples to be at new points in their relationships so that they could bring out fresh and authentic plot lines. Rather, featuring the same couples season after season often ends up showing the same plot over and over again. It also gives rise to accusations that 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? it has been made into a script in an attempt to create drama.

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