After Andrew Spencer’s heartbreaking elimination from The Bachelorette, fans and Katie want their journey of finding love to continue at The Bachelor.

Following the heartbreaking elimination of Andrew Spencer on the July 19 episode of High school, social media was flooded with demands for him to be the next leader of The Single, an idea that Katie Thurston is totally behind. Of all the men she sent home this season, Andrew’s elimination turned out to be the hardest for Katie and fans alike. From his laid-back personality to his charming faux British accent, the 26-year-old soccer star seemed like a perfect match. In the immediate aftermath of their emotional departure, Katie joins viewers in their call for Andrew to continue his journey to find love.

Andrew advanced to Katie’s last five with a dream of enjoying an upcoming hometown date. However, he did not receive that coveted rose. Although Katie was sad to see Brendan Scanzano and Mike Planeta leave earlier in the episode, those tears were nothing compared to those shed by Andrew. But it was not “goodbye“Still. Andrew took a chance and visited Katie after the rose ceremony, where he gave her a handwritten note that read:”If you change your mind I’ll be waiting. “In true romantic comedy fashion, Katie ran down several flights of stairs to catch up with Andrew and ask him if he would like to return to the competition. Unable to overcome further pain, she refused.

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Shortly after the episode aired, Andrew shared a message on Instagram, in which he reflected on how positive his Bachelorette party the experience was. He talked about the close friendships he made with the other men in the house and thanked Katie for “reassuring my faith in love. “Andrew’s heartfelt message only strengthened the Bachelor Nation’s belief that he should be named the leader of The Bachelor season 26. On Andrew’s post, Katie showed her support by commenting “#AndrewForBachelor. “His response received more than 2,400 likes. Although watching the breakup on national television surely hurt both parties, this seems to be proof that they are in a good place.

Many viewers were confused by how Andrew handled Katie’s offer to stay. If he still loved her, why wouldn’t he accept? She clarified on Instagram that her note meant that he would wait for her outside of the show. Basically, if she broke up with the remaining four men, he would be willing to seek a relationship away from the cameras. Unfortunately for Andrew, Katie seems to have a crush on her final suitors: Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes, Michael Allio, and Justin Glaze. Several fans felt that Andrew was a better fit with Katie than Blake, with whom he has a strong physical connection.

There’s a chance Andrew will once again grace our TV screens as the next bachelor. Last week, the day after the removal of James Bonsall, Connor Brennan, Aaron Clancy and Tre Cooper, their casting in Single in paradise It was announced. So far, nothing has been said about Andrew heading to the beach. If there is a slim chance that Andrew will appear in The BachelorProducers are likely getting a lot of requests from women who would love to meet you.

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High school airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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