Death’s Door is a beautiful and responsive action adventure with a best-in-class soundtrack and an easy recommendation for any Zelda fan.

To the tiny crow in the center of Acid Nerve’s Death gateHarvesting troublesome souls and delivering them to the afterlife is part of a day’s work. While co-workers tend to desks or wander through the mostly monochrome and dreamy Hall of Doors, the anonymous protagonist is scouring the nearby lands in search of the escaped souls. In a preview of Devolver Digital-Published Death gate Last month, it impressed with its welcoming environments, agile combat, and generous attention to detail, and the finished game follows suit with those first impressions. Death gate is a beautiful, refined and digestible action adventure with a particularly impressive visual and audio design.

As a raven, players start out with a sword, but they can also get a few different melee weapons and magic spells to deal with a variety of puzzles and battles with a superbly animated bestiary. Death gateCombat is critical to your game, but it’s not exactly deep; Weapons have only one basic combination each, and rechargeable spells can be incorporated into the action, but they lack the snappy, fast feel of something like hell.

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One of the main reasons Death gate it works as well as it does is its excellent visual presentation, where the finest details of each environment bring them to life, all resplendent with spectacular lighting and a selection of colors unique to each area. The isometric camera is mostly fixed but zoomed out far enough to allow each biome to impart its distinct thematic and emotional tones, making exploration a pleasure from the first hour to the last, although there is also a travel system. fast integrated through the Hall of Doors. . It’s a lot of fun meeting and interacting with a developing cast of uniquely drawn characters, and the game’s economically written dialogue leaves trails that never slow momentum.

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Deaths Door Review Archer Intruder

The combat feedback is excellent, even if the fights themselves are usually easy, save for a few extra combative rows in the later half of the game. Healing stations can be activated at set locations and checkpoints are usually generous, so don’t expect a lot of wail-inducing recoil. Death gateBoss difficulty occupies that perfect spot, where everyone is never more than welcome and tougher bosses reward attention and a little patience. The storytelling has a bit of variety, but it usually leans toward humor, and it always manages to make people laugh; while the dialogue is not as shocking nor the world drawn as highly concept as something like Gloomy fandango, there is a moot comparison with some of Double Fine’s work.

Death gateThe audio design might be its best feature, with the soundtrack in particular standing out as an impressive score, an upbeat collection of instrumental tracks that are critical to complete immersion in slightly haunting and slightly pretty environments. While it is difficult to try and compare it to the beloved soundtracks of The legend of Zelda games, is the closest touchstone and similarly emphasizes the character and feel of each biome and encounter.

Deaths Door Review Combat

There was a little talk about Death gate be a Soulslike, but this is not the case at all. The aforementioned challenge level is pretty smooth, with the upgrade currency being held back after death, and the storytelling is much less oblique. It’s a game that constantly shows and tells it all, although there are a number of environmental secrets to unearth that lead to several useful updates. Single-player content to experience and end the story will find a rewarding beginning, middle, and end, though a creative and more mysterious post-game sequence is available – be sure to keep playing and exploring after the credits.

Yes Death gate It is not mentioned in a list of the best indies of the year, it will only be due to its finer focus and lack of complexity or significant depth, which also speaks to the absolute lack of bloat of the game. Those looking for the cavernous biomes of Hollow knight or the epistolary narration rich in traditions in a Souls the game may feel shortened by the 10 or more breezy hours offered here, but Death gate is an immersive, precision-crafted adventure that will completely satisfy anyone looking for that exact experience. Isometric action RPGs cost a dime a dozen, but are rarely polished to such a brilliant shine.

Deaths Door Review Squid

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Death gate Releases on PC / Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on July 20. A digital PC code was provided to Screen rant for the purposes of this review.

Our rating:

4.5 out of 5 (must play)

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