Escape Room: Tournament of Champions star Logan Miller explains how a solo room for his character was completely removed from the sequel.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Star Logan Miller revealed that there was a solo room that was completely removed from the movie. The horror series Escape room started in 2019, which was inspired by the escape room challenges that became popular. The film follows a group of people who are invited to participate in one of these escape rooms with a big cash prize if they manage to solve it. However, they soon discover that what is at stake is a matter of life and death, as riddles have deadly consequences.

The sequel, subtitled Champions Tournament, see the return of Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Miller). In trying to find evidence for their claims and lock up those responsible, they find themselves in another set of deadly escape rooms. This time, they play alongside other survivors who have also escaped the game before. Since they are all considered good puzzle solvers, the difficulty and complexity of the rooms has increased. They must work together if they hope to survive once more.

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In an interview with Bloody disgustingpodcast of Boo’s crewMiller spoke about his character’s journey in the sequel. It revealed that there was supposed to be a solo escape room for Ben, which was completely cut from the movie. Although he did not go into details, he said that it was a sauna with the consequence that he could burn himself to death. However, it ultimately did not fit into the story. Read on below for Miller’s full statement:

“As an actor, you are always disappointed when you see things that end up on the cutting room floor, but there was an entire room that I was in, a solo room, that ended up being completely removed from the movie, and replaced with anything else. I won’t reveal it, but … I was in a sauna and I was burning to death. There was an element of the story that wasn’t working, and that’s the great thing about the attention to detail that we tried to get. We try to make sure the scenes work as well. It may not be as good as we can make it. What was replaced by something much crazier… was me drowning in this room. I guess burning to death isn’t as fun as visually drowning. “

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Ben in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

The characters of Champions Tournament they actually undergo a lot over the course of runtime. Some of the puzzles require more steps to complete than those in the original movie. Yet all the rooms fit into a story that is told, which is revealed during the film’s climax. Since Miller said an element of the story was not working, it must not have fitted the film’s twist. However, there is no way for the audience to fully know what he means by that without seeing the scene that was deleted.

The PG-13 horror movie should be especially creative with its theaters as you should avoid getting an R rating. There are so many ways to kill characters on screen while maintaining a PG-13 rating. While some compare it to a watered down saw, the puzzle series is more similar to Cube. Even with the PG-13 rating, the first two rooms in particular maintain a nail-biting tension level that’s pretty impressive. However, Champions Tournament runs out of steam in its third act, so it would be interesting to see how this sauna room would have affected the film’s tension loss later in the runtime. If the filmmakers do not intend to use a similar idea for a room in Escape room 3, maybe the Blu-ray / DVD has it included in the deleted scenes.

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