The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD it’s finally out. Now that we’ve had the entire weekend to play nonstop, it’s time to discuss the end of one of the most divisive innings in The legend of Zelda franchise.

Sword to the skyThe ending is unlike any other Zelda title, as the game reveals the origins of the hero cycle that is present in all other installments of the franchise. There is a reason why the hero’s spirit reincarnates every few hundred years to fight an evil that can never truly be defeated, only temporarily stopped. There’s also a reason that Zelda, Link, and Ganon (as well as other recurring villains) are doomed to forever fight for control of the Triforce. Even if the HD remake’s quality of life improvements don’t fix all the flaws in Sword to the sky, this is one of the most important installments of The legend of Zelda franchise, with a story that reveals the origin of the franchise. And it all starts with the heroic journey of a lazy boy.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Image via Nintendo

Sword to the skyThe story begins with the creation of the world by the Three Goddesses: Nayru, Din and Farore. After completing their creation, the Three Goddesses departed for the heavens, leaving behind an object capable of making any mortal wish come true: the Triforce. The world found peace after its creation until deep cracks in the ground allowed demonic creatures to emerge from the depths of the earth. These creatures, led by the Demon King Demise, rampaged through everything in their path as they attempted to capture the Triforce and shape the world according to their twisted will.

However, the Three Goddesses did not leave the Triforce completely unprotected when they left. The goddess Hylia stayed behind to oversee the creation of the Three Goddesses and ensure that the dark forces did not use the power of the Triforce. So when Demise and her demon army threatened all of reality, Hylia commanded a vast army of all the free people in the world to fight the Demon King. However, Demise was a powerful foe that could not be defeated by brute force alone. Weakened by the battle and unable to destroy the Demon King, Hylia sealed the villain and came up with a plan to ensure that future generations were prepared for Demise’s return.

Hylia surrendered her divinity and was reincarnated as a mortal woman. As only mortals can use the power of the Triforce, Hylia wanted to ensure that her descendants, like Zelda, lead a noble warrior to claim the Triforce and wish for Demise’s destruction. Before reincarnating into a human body, Hylia created the Sword of the Goddess to give the future hero enough power to fight the hordes of Demise. Hylia’s final act as a Goddess is to send the surviving humans into the skies, to live above the clouds as the surface world recovers from Demise’s attack. The Triforce also hid in the sky to wait for a hero capable of using his powers forever.

Most of the details of this story were lost in time when we began our Sword to the sky adventure. The people of Skyloft, the kingdom above the clouds, mostly forgot about the myths of the past, and many believe that the surface is just a made-up place. However, Link does not hesitate to accept his place as Hylia’s chosen hero and hold the Sword of the Goddess in his hands. At first, his goal is just to save Zelda, but as you discover the secrets of the Surface, Link accepts his fate as the one destined to defeat Demise once and for all.

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The end is just the beginning

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Image via Nintendo

While chasing Zelda across the Surface, Link awakens the power of the Goddess Sword so he can travel through time and rescue his friend. After imbuing the sword with the power of three Holy Flames, the Goddess Sword transforms into the Master Sword, a sword capable of repelling evil and altering the flow of time. Once the Gate of Time is opened by the Master Sword, and Link finally reunites with Zelda, the Hero discovers that his journey is far from over: to ensure that the Demon King will never be free, Link must return to the present, claim the Triforce, and I wish Demise’s destruction. Meanwhile, Zelda remains in the past, sealing her body in a crystal, hoping that her dream of thousands of years can keep Demise’s seal and give Link enough time to fulfill his mission.

With the Master Sword in hand, Link arrives at the Triforce’s resting place: the Tower of Heaven. After overcoming many challenges to obtain the three golden triangles of the Triforce, Link finally wishes the destruction of Demise. The Castle of Heaven falls from the skies and crushes the Imprisoned, the monstrous demon that represents the weakened form of Demise. Zelda awakens from her slumber and Link can now enjoy his time with his friend. It is a happy ending that is only achieved with a lot of struggle, but an ending that requires celebration. At least she would, if Zelda weren’t immediately kidnapped and dragged into the past.

During Sword to the sky, link fights a villain named Ghirahim, a Demon Lord who wants to stop Hylia’s plan so that Demise can be freed once more to rule the land. It turns out that Ghirahim is the spirit of Demise’s Demon Sword, and once her master is destroyed in the present, the Demon Lord drags Zelda into the past so she can change the course of time. Ghirahim uses the power of Zelda to free Demise in the past, with the Demon King regaining his humanoid strength. Link and Demise face off in an epic final battle, which took place thousands of years before. Sword to the skyThe main adventure, in a time when Hylia just sent Skyloft above the clouds.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Link is victorious against the Demon King, trapping his essence within the Master Sword. However, victory comes at a cost, as Demise curses Link and Zelda’s descendants with her dying breath. The Demon King tells Link that his rage will be reborn forever, to hunt down and destroy those with the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero. Demise’s curse traps both Zelda and Link in an eternal cycle. At the same time, the curse ensures that Demise’s evil is never truly defeated. It is Demise’s reincarnated rage that fuels Vaatii in the events of Minish’s hat, and would later use Ganondorf’s greed to transform him into the monstrous Ganon in Ocarina of time.

After defeating the Demon King, Link leaves the Master Sword on a pedestal in the Sealed Temple in the past. Impa, Zelda’s servant of the Sheikah people, remains in the past to destroy the Gate of Time and ensure that both the sword and the Triforce remain safe. The Sheikah would forever be destined to protect the Master Sword and the Triforce, guiding the Hero of Time in case Demise’s curse is accurate and the evil return to earth. As for Link and Zelda, they remain in the world of Surface to establish the Kingdom of Hyrule.

With its end, Sword to the sky lays the foundation for almost everyone else The legend of Zelda qualification. This game explains the origins of the Master Sword, why Zelda and Link reincarnate through the ages, and how Ganon resurfaces to attack the Kingdom of Hyrule every few hundred years. Sword to the sky It may not be perfect, but it is certainly an essential entry for The legend of Zelda tradition, making it an excellent adventure for fans of the franchise, despite its flaws.

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