Ahead of the launch of the Google and Samsung smartwatch experience, the Play Store is getting easier app discovery and installation tools.

Google is in the process of making it easier to find Wear OS smartwatch apps on the Play Store, and streamlining their download on a watch as well. This comes at a time when Google, with a little help from Samsung, is also in the process of reinventing what Wear OS is at the operating system level. Together, the goal is to offer users an improved user experience in the future.

In May, Google and Samsung announced that they were teaming up to bring together the best of their knowledge and enhance the experience of smartwatches running on the Android-powered platform. Over the years, Wear OS, formerly Android Wear, has expanded in terms of the number of devices it runs on, but the platform still seems to lack adoption and especially compared to the level that Apple enjoys with its Apple Watch. With help from Samsung, that could change in the future and starting with the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4.

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Meanwhile, Google recently announced that it is adding more filters to make it easier for relevant watch-related apps to appear when searching “look“or”look at faces. “also, the update post it also explains that the Play Store will now start highlighting “selected clusters”From popular applications as recommendations when browsing. According to Google, the new app discovery enhancements will begin rolling out to the Play Store in the coming weeks.

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Faster to download clock apps too

Google Play Store Wear OS App Discovery

Along with improvements for finding apps, Google is also looking to make sure it’s easier to download them with an option to install them remotely from the Play Store on other devices. Basically, when the user finds an app, they will be able to touch the Install on pc and quickly view any portable device that the app supports before confirming the download and sending the app to the device. In most cases, the Play Store will look to speed up the process even more by preselecting any supported device by default. Google also confirmed that the Play Store in smartwatches is also getting an update in the appearance department, with the new design directly inspired by Android’s Material You.

With the upcoming Wear OS changes, it makes sense that Google is looking to make changes elsewhere in its smartwatch ecosystem as well. Although these are small changes in and of themselves, the broader goal here seems to be to improve the various aspects of owning and using an Android smartwatch. If the sum of these changes is enough to help Google and Samsung fight against the Apple Watch, that is another question.

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