The recent Red Dead Online content update is packed with vintage items, such as the campaign characters’ clothing; all served at a premium price and marked as new.

Rockstar developed a wildly successful approach to GTA Online, but you are still figuring out your formula with Red Dead Online, both in terms of content and style. The recent launch of Red Dead Online: Blood Money I tried adding a few things that the game needs, but Rockstar’s approach to unlockable player customization still has some obvious issues.

Red Dead Online has introduced a variety of outfits and accessories that can be obtained through the different season passes, role unlocks or through the in-game catalog. The problem is the lack of diversity and an obtuse approach to the new sets. While some REV The outfits are completely underwhelming, others, like the recently added Radcliff outfit worn by Dutch, are just a lazy design option. The outfits are certainly alluring and surely some will wear them, but the fact that Rockstar is releasing the Dutch outfit nearly three years after launch and locking it behind a season pass is odd to say the least.

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Bringing story content to an online stage is nothing new and certainly nothing negative. Countless hours are put into crafting games, including outfits, and it makes natural sense to move those resources over to the multiplayer component. Some players enjoy wearing outfits or armor that their favorite single player character is wearing, so including those in the online world is a good fan service decision. Red Dead OnlineThe approach, however, is strange due to its timing and pacing.

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Rockstar’s RDO clothing carry-over is disappointing

This is not the first time Rockstar has done this with Red Dead Online suits either. In fact, he just brought in a number of outfits from previous Outlaw Passes, which were worn by Arthur, John, Bill, and Javier. Dutch’s Redcliff outfit is just the latest in Rockstar’s campaign gear trickle, highlighting the frustrating execution. Rockstar has introduced five outfits in three different Outlaw Passes, all of which were promoted by Rockstar as new content to players, but were actually recycled from previous Passes.

Dead red Onlinebeta It was initially released in November 2018, and it was a year later before Outlaw Pass 2 brought the first remnant of the Van Der Linde Gang costumes. A year and a half later, and Rockstar is still dripping RDR2 suits in REV, representing five sets during the thirty-two months since the beta version was released. On top of that, there is also the staggering price of some of the sets being reintroduced. Arthur’s outfit alone cost 52 gold bars, which is more than the cost of the entire Outlaw Pass it was originally included in. With reduced ways to earn gold in Red Dead Online, players without enough would have to spend $ 20 in real money to get enough gold bars to buy just one outfit.

Getting these sets back at this price is just one example of Rockstar’s frustrating approach to content for Red Dead Online. The season pass system was also changed to now be four shorter passes with 25 ranks each, which means that the pass system costs 100 gold bars per 100 ranks, while previous passes were 45 gold bars per 100 ranges. Thanks to a series of leaks, players already know that the passes are full of re-skins of old content, all of which make the new system and additional equipment more frustrating. From masks to vintage outfits and more, Rockstar asks fans to shell out some serious gold bars on a consistent basis just to get a handful of recycled stuff at Red Dead Online.

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