The Sandship is one of Skyward Sword’s dungeons and, like all the others, it has a dungeon map that will reveal every room and treasure.

The The legend of Zelda The series has seen many unique and memorable dungeons over the years, but Sword to the skySandship stands out as one of the most creative. This ancient pirate ship once sailed the Lanayru Sea thousands of years before Link’s adventure, but now it floats on a sea of ​​sand that is home to many dangerous creatures. While it has the layout one might expect of a ship, having the map of the dungeon will make it easy to navigate and search for all its secrets.

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While players have access to a top-down map of each dungeon, they only have access to the rooms they have entered. After collecting the dungeon map, it will reveal each room on each floor. In addition, it will also show the location of the boss room and treasure chests, so that the finalists can collect every last rupee and relic that is hidden. This guide will help players locate the Sandship dungeon map.

Finding the Sandship dungeon map in Skyward Sword HD

Link will not have access to the dungeon map for the start of Sandship, as to obtain it, he will first have to defeat the mini-boss who guards the dungeon item: the bow! With this weapon, players can shoot targets from afar with well-aimed arrows. While many may assume that its only use is to assassinate unsuspecting enemies, this ranged attack plays an important role in Sand Ship puzzles. There is a time shift stone that can appear on the ship’s mast after activating a button, and because it is out of range of Link’s sword, the only way to activate it is by shooting it with an arrow. Knowledge of this cheat is not only important to solve puzzles in this dungeon, but also to get to your map.

After activating the Time Change Stone, enter the main door inside the ship and go down the stairs on the right. Once downstairs, Link must follow the hallway on the right side of the room. Doing so will lead you to a large open room with some Bokoblin enemies to fight. Players can see the treasure chest containing the dungeon map behind the iron bars on the left side of the room, waiting to be opened. Move to the other end of the room and enter the passage on the left with the light shining inside.

While this room leads to the chest with the dungeon map that players just saw, it is blocked by a current of electricity. This is where the bow and arrow come into play – if players look up through the hole in the ceiling, they can see the time shift stone in the distance. Shoot an arrow between the iron bars to deactivate the stone, sending the ship back to the present, where the electricity is off. With nothing to block Link’s passage, he can easily enter and take the dungeon map!

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available for Nintendo Switch.

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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Bomb Arrow replaces the Master Sword

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