Sister Wives star and first wife Meri Brown has posted some extremely cryptic quotes amid her rumors of tension with her husband, Kody Brown.

Meri Brown shocked fans when she decided to post some extremely cryptic quotes amid her rumors of tensions with her husband, Kody Brown. The Sister wives Star hasn’t had the easiest relationship in recent years, and many fans wonder if she’s looking to expand into her own world, away from her large family.

In early July, Meri took to her social media and sparked rumors of a dispute within the family. The mother of one had posted a strange message and fans took notice. Sister wives Fans know that Meri has been married to Kody for 30 years. She was the first wife, but today she is treated more like a second-class citizen. The patriarch has three other wives to tend to, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Last season showed the couple struggling within their marriage, and Kody even admitted that he no longer wanted her.

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The drama deepens with the Brown family as Mary once again he posted cryptic quotes about his life. A quote is read, “Be yourself no matter what. Some will love you and some will hate everything about you.” While another said, “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.” To many TLC viewers, it seems like Meri is doing her best to take a stand against the man who controlled everything for so long. But will he really leave his plural marriage behind? Fans have doubts.

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Along with the puzzling dates, Meri also seems to be changing her image. This often happens when a woman is in a breakup, as it is normal to want a new look or hairstyle. Meri has started wearing more makeup and has even done her eyebrows. The reality TV star also donned false eyelashes and began training with a trainer to get healthier on her journey. Meri has even gone out of her way to improve her clothes and is wearing more heels and fashion items.

Both Meri and Kody have admitted that they found themselves in a hole during season 15, but they had no way out. Meri still had feelings for her husband, but Kody just wasn’t feeling the spark. As for the other Sister wives, it seems that they too are moving in separate directions. Janelle just brought a luxury motorhome to live on her land, Christine is going on a road trip and trying to recover, and Robyn is staying close to home, presumably because Kody lives with her full time.

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