Superman’s deadly enemy Synmar Utopica battles the Justice League after escaping the United Planets and taking control of Earth.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League # 65!

Superman and the League of Justice have come face to face with one of DC’s deadliest foes, Synmar Utopica! On Justice League # 64 the United Planets hold a trial for one of the universe’s deadliest criminals, Synmar Utopica, who first appeared last year in Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman # 25. However, things don’t go according to plan, as the Superman villain escapes from the United Planets courtroom and arrives on Earth, seemingly wiping out the entire Justice League.

Synmar Utopica is a supervillain who bears the same name as the planet it originates from, Synmar. It was revealed that the planet of Synmar Utopica believes in gods of light and was aware of it when Kal-El first arrived on Earth many years ago. The planet council decided not to intervene because they suspected that Krypton had sent him to become a god of light and build a new civilization. A rogue of his planet’s ideology, Synmar Utopica becomes obsessed with Superman and strives to kill him. This leads the brutal cosmic warrior to escape captivity with one purpose: to kill Superman.

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On Justice League # 65 by Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Pugh, and Ivan Plascencia, Synmar Utopica arrives to fight the Justice League after escaping and massacring themselves to leave the United Planets. At the end of the previous issue, the Justice League was notified by United, a new team of galactic superheroes, that Synmar Utopica was on its way to Earth. Not only has he come to conquer Earth, but he’s here to kill Superman. He revealed his plans while escaping from the United Planets. Having fought in Naomi’s homeworld with another deadly cosmic threat, the Justice League is definitely not ready for a surprise attack.

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As soon as he is informed of Synmar’s escape, Superman realizes how bad this could be for everyone and instantly heads off into space. But when he comes out, Superman sees a tear in the sky from which Synmar Utopica bursts. No one on the Justice League team has ever heard of Synmar Utopica, which is Bendis acknowledging that many League of Justice readers probably have no idea who it is either. However, things get going so fast that Superman doesn’t have time to explain it. It’s all down to business as the Justice League rallies everyone they can to defeat Superman’s near-unstoppable cosmic foe.

An all-out battle ensues between Synmar Utopica and the Justice League, with the villain taking out Superman and Hawkgirl. Before more Justice League heavyweights can be called in, the Hall of Justice and the rest of the League are seemingly destroyed in an explosion. Since it was the United Planets that allowed Synmar Utopica escape, maybe his superhero team United will show up to help. They don’t seem like a great team though, as they couldn’t contain the villain. Will be the League of Justice be able to take down Synmar’s most brutal warrior? That remains to be seen. Justice League # 65 It is now available in comic book stores and on digital platforms.

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