A new digital edition of the PS5 is on the way and Japanese retailers list the revision as lighter than the previous model.

Almost a year after the original PS5 digital edition Sony is preparing to release a new version of the PS5, which will be lighter than the previous iteration. Of course, both versions of the console have been nearly impossible to find since the hardware was released in late 2020. Despite the lack of availability, the PS5 has managed to sell quite well when in stock.

For those who didn’t know yet, the PS5 Digital Edition is a discless edition of the PlayStation 5. It can play all the hardware of the full-price version, but it lacks the disc drive that allows physical discs to be played on machine. The PS5 digital edition costs $ 399, which is $ 100 less than the standard model and, for most gamers, it is well worth the cheaper price. With games going digital in the modern age, the lack of a disk drive isn’t detrimental to some, making the PS5 digital edition worthwhile. So far, the next-gen console has been a resounding success for Sony, in both the standard and digital versions. Still, that doesn’t seem to stop Sony from making improvements to its device.

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In a tweet from level, it was revealed that Sony has quietly upgraded its PS5 Digital Edition after Japanese retailers started listing the device. According to the listings, the PS5 Digital Edition (CFI-1100B) will be 300g lighter than its 3.9kg counterpart, and will also include a new screw for its base. The essential elements of the device remain almost exactly the same as in the original PS5 digital edition (CFI-1000B), including the main processor, SSD and other internal features. The big difference between the two is the 3.6kg weight, which is a substantial decrease from the 3.9kg weight of the original.

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A lighter model for the PS5 digital edition doesn’t necessarily add to the appeal of the console, but it does mean that the device is actively being improved upon during its manufacture. Either way, the lighter console means better portability at the very least and could even mean a more compact setup. This could give gamers more storage options for the robust next-gen console.

As for its other changes, the PS5 digital edition will receive a new screw, which changes the way the base is attached. For some, this is a major improvement as it gives the model better stability while standing. The thick, deep screw will ensure the base is securely in place while the console is upright, which works well with its lighter design. Gamers may be more inclined to keep the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition away from home, rather than storing it horizontally. While some fans may be angry that Sony improved the console just a year after its release, this gives more fans a chance to snag the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition with its new design features. The design shows that Sony is ready to improve its console until the flaws are weightless.

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