Vampires, werewolves and sparkles, oh my!


Netflix was hugely successful when it acquired the rights to begin streaming the Twilight movie franchise on its subscription streaming service. All five movies have been available since last Friday, and they are garnering a huge number from the site’s top 10 list. Apparently Netflix users are super excited to see supernatural love triangles between glowing vampires and teenage werewolves.

The original movie Twilight, is currently at No. 3 on Netflix’s 10 Most Popular Movies and TV Shows. However, its sequel, New Moon, is currently in sixth place. It is difficult to explain why there is such a drop in viewership between the first two films. For those who stayed to the marathon of the remaining three films, Eclipse it ranks seventh just below its predecessor. Dawn Part 2 is in eighth place, and the first half of the movie, Dawn Part 1 It is currently in 10th place as of this report. General, The Twilight saga makes up half of Netflix’s top 10 list after being available to stream for just five days.


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Of those notTwilight shows and movies on the list, Virgin river trumps everyone in first place, followed by quirky teen coming-of-age show I have never. The recently canceled Manifest is at n. 4, followed by the true crime series Stole. In the penultimate of the Top 10 list is the fantastic Gunpowder shake, a free unapologetic shoot ’em up starring big stars like Karen gilland, Angela bassett, Y Lena Headey, among others.

But if young adult paranormal romance is your thing, you can switch to Netflix right now to enjoy it all. Twilight Saga. If you don’t have Netflix or prefer to rent / own the movies, you can make those purchases on Amazon Prime Video.

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