Batman’s hood in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the prettiest yet, but one scene shows that it’s designed for more than style.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows fans of the DC Universe a divine look at its super-powered heroes while giving an informed approach to its street-level vigilantes. This is best seen through Ben Affleck’s Batman, who acts as a more experienced version of the Caped Crusader. As a result, his methods, gadgets, and uniform show all his years of experience, and one scene shows a largely undisputed aspect of Batman’s costume.

Here, Bruce Wayne and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) discuss the impact that Superman’s (Henry Cavill) presence on Earth has had on the human race. As he does so, Alfred works on Bruce’s hood. However, instead of showing the hood as seen on the field, its bottom is shown here, giving viewers a look at the inner workings of the hood. This shows the voice modulator and retractable magnifying glasses, as well as a layer of titanium for protection.

Alfred also explains that this hood has a new layer of armor, potentially to offer some protection against the Man of Steel. Unfortunately this causes some problems with the wiring in Bruce’s hood, forcing Alfred to fix it. Not only does the accessory have a deeper explanation in tradition, it also has a reason to exist in terms of framing the scene.

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In the context of the scene, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Technical Manual goes into detail on some of the aforementioned gear on the hood. This includes the voice modulator, shown directly attached to the hood, rather than being part of the collar.

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It also has multiple Batcomputer access ports to help run diagnostic checks on the hood along with infrared, targeting and communication functions. However, with the retractable lenses and all the combat Batman encounters, the access ports could also serve as a way for the computer to download and review images seen while in the field. This helps Batman when he is doing his detective work because it ensures his safety. Beyond this, prop master Doug Harlocker explains the need for the hood on the Technical manual.

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“Zack needed something that Alfred was working on during the discussion with Bruce in the Batcave,” says Harlocker. This It makes perfect sense since the hood is a great talking point that brings out Alfred’s smarts with electronics and Bruce’s constant updates. Harlocker also explains the hood by broadening the idea of ​​its technological advancements, saying: “Of course the hood is not just a garment that you wear over your head; it is actually a great piece of technology.

Bruce examined every aspect of his suit, and his obsession with factoring all variables is prevalent even in his hood. Batman v superman is another Zack Snyder movie with a treasure trove of details hidden in plain sight. In the case of Batman’s hood, a short scene serves as a great way to tell the story of a man obsessed with justice. However, the scene also shows how that obsession leads to astonishing technological advancements and how, in turn, it adds to the Batman mythos.

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