The hero of Bleach is Ichigo Kurosaki himself, a somewhat grumpy but brave fighter who will risk his life for his friends in Karakura Town. He was a serious loser during the show’s first season, but as time passed, Ichigo became incredibly powerful, achieving his own bankai and even gaining a Hollow mask. This allows you to fight BleachStronger enemies and win.

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Some of Ichigo’s most heroic victories are legendary, such as when he narrowly beat Captain Byakuya Kuchiki or when he turned Ulquiorra Schiffer in spectacular fashion. Not to mention his final victory over Yhwach. However, Ichigo could have fought a wide variety of enemies in balanced and exciting matches, but he never got the chance. What fights did you never get a chance to be?

10 Ichigo vs. Shunsui Kyoraku would have been a clash of personalities and strength

Bleach Shunsui One Eye

Ichigo fought many lieutenants and captains during the events of the Soul Society arc, but never crossed paths with the captain of Squad 8, Shunsui Kyoraku. Instead, it was his friend Chad who fought Shunsui in a short, one-sided battle. Shunsui Kyoraku is much stronger than his goofy personality suggests.

At the time, Ichigo had no chance of victory against this Captain, but, again, it would have been fun to see the stern and level-headed Ichigo exchanging verbal blows with Shunsui and exasperated by the Captain’s antics. In fact, Lieutenant Nanao Ise could be on Ichigo’s side in spirit.

9 Ichigo vs. Ryuken Ishida would have been symbolic

In theory, Quincy and Soul Reapers are bitter enemies, but Ryuken and his talented son, Uryu, are simply minding their own business, and Ryuken has an understanding with Isshin Kurosaki. Just before the Hueco Mundo story arc began, Ryuken appeared, and he still didn’t like the Soul Reapers.

In an alternate version of this story, Ichigo could have confronted Ryuken about this and insisted that Uryu, as a friend, should fight alongside him to rescue Orihime. Then Ichigo could duel Ryuken to show his strength and resolve against this stern Quincy. How would Ryuken react?

8 Ichigo vs. Izuru Kira would have challenged Ichigo to be resourceful

izuru kira

It is true that Izuru Kira was unable to defeat Ichigo in a regular sword duel, especially not later in the series when Ichigo obtained his bankai and Hollow mask. But before that, it was a fairer fight, and Izuru’s shikai, Wabisuke, would have been a unique challenge for Ichigo.

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Wabisuke’s shikai can double the weight of anything he hits, and do it as many times as he wants. If Zangetsu becomes too heavy to use, Ichigo would have to get rid of him and fight Izuru in another way, with or without his allies. Now, that would have tested Ichigo’s creativity and mettle.

7 Ichigo vs. Toshiro Hitsugaya would have been a clash of icy resolve

Hitsugaya in his state of Bankai

In a broad sense, Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya sided with Ichigo during the Soul Society arc. Toshiro was not prioritizing the mission to hunt down and kill Ichigo’s friends, as he knew that something related to Captain Sosuke Aizen’s death was suspicious.

Rather than fight Ichigo’s team, Toshiro faced fellow Soul Reapers, such as Izura Kira, and later Aizen himself. Still, a battle between him and Ichigo could have been exciting, as Ichigo doesn’t usually face elemental enemies like Ice Cream Toshiro, and they also have similar personalities. Whose stubborn will prevail?

6 Ichigo vs. Yumichika Ayasegawa would have been downright funny

Yumichika in front of generic Shojo background

The fifth seat of team 11 is the vain Yumichika Ayasegawa, a good friend of Ikkaku Madarame. Ichigo fought against Ikkaku, but the battle against Yumichika fell to the prankster Ganju Shiba in a purely comical showdown. Imagine if Ichigo was there instead.

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This wouldn’t have been the most intense battle, but the personality clash would have been deeply fun, as Ichigo doesn’t have time for Yumichika’s “beauty above all” attitude, while Yumichika would tease Ichigo for being rude. and rude. The verbal fight would be more entertaining than the actual clash of swords.

5 Ichigo vs. Tier Halibel would have been a cool challenge

The 3rd Sword is a blond Arrancar named Tier Halibel, and in the original Bleach story, she fought Toshiro Hitsugaya and some of the Visoreds until Aizen intervened. It was an exciting battle of ice against water, but could Ichigo have prevailed in Toshiro’s place?

Ichigo fought Ulquiorra, who was ranked fourth, but Ulquiorra had a power that even Aizen didn’t know about, so he might actually be stronger than Halibel. If so, Ichigo might have had a chance against Halibel, and it would be fun to see if that’s really the case.

4 Ichigo vs. Captain Soi Fon would have been tense

Squad 2’s Captain Soi Fon is a trained assassin and has a fearsome shikai named Suzumebachi who can inflict instant death with just two stings to the opponent’s body. In the history of BleachSoi Fon fought her former mentor Yoruichi Shihoin, but suppose she had crossed paths with Ichigo first.

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Ichigo would be in the fight of his life, as he was not prepared to face a true ninja like Soi Fon. This would have been a terrifying battle as Ichigo struggled to avoid that second stinger until Yoruchi arrived to take over. It is unlikely that Ichigo could have won this fight on his own.

3 Ichigo vs. Aaroniero Arurruerie would have been a real show

The ninth Espada, Aaroniero Arurruerie, fought his only battle against Rukia Kuchiki while disguising himself as the late Kaien Shiba to apply psychological pressure on his opponent. It was a great fight, but Aaroniero never got a chance to show the full extent of his powers.

Aaroniero bragged about having eaten 33,650 Hollow and gained their abilities and forms, but he didn’t take full advantage of that. However, in a fight against Ichigo, Aaroniero would have harnessed his full power against such a strong enemy, and that would have been great. An interesting bonus: Kaien Shiba is Ichigo’s cousin on his father’s side. Isshin was once Captain Isshin Shiba.

two Ichigo vs. Captain Kaname Tosen would have challenged him like never before

Captain Kaname Tosen clashed with Uryu during the Soul Society arc and even with his fellow Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. But he never crossed paths with Ichigo Kurosaki. If they had fought, then Ichigo would have had a difficult time and would need help.

Tosen’s zanpakuto, Suzumushi, is a kido-type that can emit a piercing tone to deactivate the enemy with the shikai mode. Bankai will engulf Tosen and his enemy in an area where the opponent’s senses, in addition to touch and pain, are lost, and no one knows how Ichigo would have overcome it.

1 Ichigo vs. Captain General Yamamoto would be epic and terrifying

The Soul Society boss battles, so to speak, were Captains Kuchiki and Aizen. However, in an alternate take, Ichigo could have faced Captain General Yamamoto himself and witnessed firsthand what this old man’s flaming zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka, is capable of.

Ichigo would need the full extent of bankai just to survive, let alone win, and only Aizen’s great betrayal could have canceled this fight and rid Ichigo of the wrath of Yamamoto’s flames. What an intense battle this could have been.

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