A player has soloed the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid using a combination of skill, luck, and failures to accomplish a normally cooperative task.

A player has made a single Destiny 2 The Vault of Glass raid and its final boss, Atheon, use a combination of great skill, patience, luck, and game flaws to accomplish what is normally a cooperative multiplayer task. The Raid of the Vault of Glass, returning from Destination, was released earlier this year with the Splicer Season.

Although it was originally released in 2017, Destiny 2 It has been continually updated with new content and is scheduled to continue receiving content updates at least until next year’s Witch Queen expansion. Splicer season is the current season of content, although it is now near the end of its useful life. The expansion added more than 30 new weapons, armor and missions, as well as the Vault of Glass raid to the game. Each week of the season featured new challenges for players to complete and rewards for doing so. While much of the content was free for all, players who purchased the Season Pass for this season had access to more rewards, seasonal gear and armor, challenges, and unlimited use / attempts of Override, a six-player paired activity.

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The Destiny player VoteForShifu was able to defeat the villain Vex Atheon at the end of the raid without any other player joining him. Completing the Vault of Glass raid requires a multiplayer team to complete based on the raid mechanics only (via Kotaku) and was able to use a glitch to do this on its own. After a certain period of time fighting him, Atheon forces players to travel to another area where they are forced to communicate with their teammates to complete a challenge before continuing the fight. When a finisher is used on a damaged enemy in Destiny 2, a short animation begins. In the fight, VoteForShifu activates this animation, and at the end of it, instead of being transported across the room, he goes nowhere and can walk back and forth through the portal to eliminate the Oracles. Not only did he need to perfectly time the finisher, he also had to retrieve a relic that cleared a cloudy vision debuff and kill the guardian to open the portal before the animation ended.

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In addition to timing the finisher and completing all of those things during the animation, VoteForShifu had to have the right Destiny 2 armor, weapons and mods. It was also essential to kill Atheon in four damage phases to prevent a different instant erase mechanic from occurring, making the correct combination of gear even more necessary. According to a crunch of numbers Pc gamer, VoteForShifu took more than 1600 attempts to achieve Atheon’s solo success. A raid is meant to challenge players and their builds by attacking them with numerous enemies and multiple bosses with varying difficulties. More than just the gun game influences the raids, VoteForShifu showed not only their skills, but also their perseverance and dedication to the game through their numerous attempts.

Destiny raids are known to be challenging, but the Vault of Glass is one of the most difficult raids in the world. Destiny 2. Bungie, the game’s developer, has a close relationship with the community and works hard to improve the game. Looking at the dedication players have to the game four years later, it’s easy to see why. At any moment, any small factor could have thrown the entire career of VoteForShifu back and forced a reboot, but the player proved that a great deal of work pays off.

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Destiny 2 is a free game now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Stadia and PC.

Fountain: Kotaku, Pc gamer, VoteForShifu / YouTube

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