Fairy tale is a series of sincere action shonen where the power of friendship is very real, and the wizards of the Fairy Tail guild know it better than anyone. Heroine Lucy Heartfilia made all kinds of friends when she joined the guild, and other newcomers like Juvia Lockser did too. In particular, Juvia fell in love almost immediately with Gray Fullbuster, but what if she hadn’t?

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Gray is a calm and easygoing guy who doesn’t seem to have much patience with other people’s antics, at least not at first, and it took him a while to get used to the Yandere Juvia border. If they had never met, then Gray could seek love in other anime series and meet a girl with whom he could get along wonderfully. Who should win your heart?

10 Rukia is cool like ice, similar to gray (bleach)

In many ways, Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki is like Gray Fullbuster. They both use ice powers and have a cold disposition in battle, but are hardly devoid of emotions. They both care deeply for those close to them, and they will do everything they can to protect them.

Gray and Rukia would get along very well if they ever met, and they would realize that they have serious things in common. If they spend enough time together, love could blossom and Rukia could find true happiness (assuming Renji isn’t in the picture).

9 Gray would appreciate the beauty of Kyoka Jiro’s (My Hero Academia) music

kyoka jiro mha

At first, Kyoka Jiro was quite insecure about her appearance and her musical hobby, and tried to keep all of this to herself. Fortunately, his classmates adore his musical talents, and if Gray Fullbuster met Kyoka, he would love her music too.

Gray and Kyoka have more or less similar personalities, and he would recognize Kyoka’s burning passion and desire to become a hero. She’s a cool girl, he thought, and he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better. He is someone with whom Kyoka can open up.

8 Elizabetta X is kind and thoughtful (Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun!)

IX at school

One of Iruma’s most charming classmates in the Freak Class is the young Elizabetta X, who is not as troublesome as the noisy Valac Clara. Elizabetta is a polite and kind girl who can make friends easily, and is also easy to trust.

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What’s more, Elizabetta has a serious romantic streak and sometimes gets carried away a bit, but not much. She’s like a more contained version of Juvia, and Gray couldn’t help but like her if they met. Definitely a date is in order.

7 Misaki Ayuzawa would impress Gray with her mental toughness (Maid-Sama!)

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

At first, Misaki Ayuzawa and Gray might disagree, as Misaki distrusts most men after her father abandoned their family and left them in debt. However, that old baggage is less and less of a problem, and Misaki is slowly opening her heart to others. She will give Gray a chance.

Misaki would find Gray’s sense of commitment and loyalty very attractive, and Gray would be in love with Misaki’s sense of responsibility and duty. In a way, she is like a guildmaster, leading the student council with a firm hand. What’s not to like?

6 Gray would like Kyoko Hori’s (Horimiya) balance of maturity and foolishness

kyoko hori horimiya

Gray has a balanced, if somewhat inconspicuous personality, and would be drawn to many girls who strike a similar balance as well. Gray sometimes gets excited and excited, but he also tries to keep a fresh and mature exterior. Kyoko Hori has a similar approach.

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Kyoko Hori is popular at school and can juggle many friends, and is humble and very responsible at home when looking after her younger brother. That, combined with his intelligence and good looks, is sure to catch the eye of a guy like Gray Fullbuster.

5 Asuna Yuuki is kind but tough, like Gray (Sword Art Online)

asuna smiling sword art

In terms of personality, MMO heroine Asuna Yuuki has a lot in common with Gray Fullbuster. She is tough and ruthless towards her enemies, but kind and loving towards her friends, especially towards her lover Kirito and her adopted daughter Yui. If Kirito wasn’t around, she and Gray would really get along.

Their personalities fit together well, and they both know what it’s like to be a supporting hero in an exciting shonen series. Yuuki is a warm and caring person, but she is not overbearing and has the maturity and dignity that Gray would love. That it’s meant to be

4 Princess Shuna is dignified and loyal (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

shuna slime

While Shion the ogre is flamboyant and goofy, his companion the ogre princess Shuna is quiet and reserved. Shuna has grace and dignity as befits her status, and although she likes to have a bit of fun with the outfits for herself and Rimuru, she is a fairly quiet person.

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Shuna is a peacemaker, and he doesn’t get carried away quickly unless Rimuru is acting very inappropriately. If she and Gray ever met, and Shuna gave her a friendly smile, Gray would feel like his breath caught. Shuna is an ogre like no other.

3 Winry Rockbell has a passion for her job (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

winry side look from fullmetal alchemist

Winry Rockbell is an automail mechanic and prides herself on being a total “gear head” just like her grandmother, Pinako. Winry is a charming and outgoing girl who loves meeting new people, although she has little patience with troublemakers or bullies. Gray feels the same.

If Winry and Gray knew each other, they would at least be good friends, and if Ed isn’t in the picture, Gray would definitely love Winry for her mature, caring personality and remarkable courage. Winry, in turn, would see a true hero in Gray.

two Maki Oze would impress Gray with her charming personality and fierce ignition ability (Fire Force)

With his charming personality, tough attitude during combat, and formidable military discipline, firefighter Maki Oze is a great potential partner for many shonen heroes, including Gray Fullbuster. He, and many characters like him, would get a great first impression of Maki the moment they met.

Maki is a bit romantic, like Elizabetta, but that doesn’t distract her from her duty. It’s her pleasure to turn all of her enemies to ashes with her second-generation ignition ability, and she’s smart enough to keep honing her technique and borrowing new gear from Vulcan.

1 Diane is a happy and loyal friend to everyone (The Seven Deadly Sins)

diane sins

Diane is a giant from the land of Megadozer, and what sets her apart from the rest is that she doesn’t love war and bloodshed. Instead, Diane favors peace and love, the things that warriors like her gain after defeating true evil. Gray may agree with that sentiment.

Gray and Diane would get along very well if they met, and if Diane’s heart is not set on Meliodas or King, she would grow closer to Gray. His mature and loyal personality would be incredibly attractive to her. And Gray couldn’t help but love her in return.

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