The biggest reboot of the season has assembled a stellar cast. Fans have noticed how Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max features names from different spheres of culture, which makes the show so interesting. Tavi Gevinson, for example, who takes over Gossip Girl this year (she’s technically one of the people behind the social account) is an icon in his own right, who has had a voice in fashion Since I was 11 years old!

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Evan Mock, who plays Akeno, is a skater, model, and photographer who is friends with Travis Scott and even photographed the rapper during his Astroworld tour. Many top roster names such as Thomas Doherty, Jordan Alexander, and Whitney Peak have already made an impact on pop culture and have also been a part of quite a few notable shows and movies.

10 Jordan Alexander / Sacred Lies

The role of Julien Calloway, Queen Bee from Constance Billard School for Girls is played by actor Jordan Alexander, who is also a musician. Before Gossip Girl, Alexander was known for her work on the anthology drama Sacred lies on Facebook Watch. She played a foster girl named Elsie who struggles to remember a song that could help her uncover secrets about her birth mother. In the Gossip Girl reboot, of course, his role contrasts with his past character, as the Gossip Girl Julien from reboot is a privileged girl who comes from a prosperous and stable home, so the role could be a testament to her rank.

9 Emily Alyn Lind / Revenge

Emily Alyn Lind is perhaps best known for her recurring role on the crime drama. Revenge starring Emily VanCamp in the title role.

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Lind played the younger version of VanCamp’s character, Amanda, who was a fierce antihero with a vengeance. It would be really interesting to see if Lind’s character Audrey casts some shades of gray on HBO Max. GG reboot as she clearly breaks the rules, and is actually turning out to be one of the more complex clues on the show, especially in relation to her romantic priorities.

8 Thomas Doherty / Descendants

Thomas Doherty who plays the rebooted Gossip Girl’Pansexual bad boy Max Wolfe has a knack for portraying the evildoer on screen and is excellent at balancing antagonistic aspects. He plays secondary antagonist Harry Hook in the hit film franchise. Decendents where he gradually morphs into a soulful antihero with an undying loyalty to Uma, Ursula’s daughter and her best friend. Gossip Girl’s Max Wolfe may also seem like a thrill seeker, but viewers have already picked up on some interesting nuances in his role that can turn into something more intense or profound.

7 Eli Brown / Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Eli Brown, who plays Otto in the reboot, also played the lead role in Pretty Little Liars’ cleave Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. Brown played Dylan Walker, a talented cellist who experienced bullying from his peers. Dylan was also quite critical of his own abilities, but he used his passion for classical music to find peace as he felt misunderstood in a small town. This sense of intellect also exists in your Gossip Girl character design; Otto is an activist and someone who stands up for the right cause and also seems to be self-conscious, especially in the face of his privilege.

6 Tavi Gevinson / Neo Yokio

Tavi Gevinson found astonishing success for his voice in fashion. In the Gossip Girl reboot, Gevinson plays Kate Keller, a teacher and one of the main voices behind the Gossip Girl blog. Gevinson had a starring role as a voice actor in the popular American-Japanese anime series. Neo Yokio which was created by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig.

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Gevinson voices the role of Helena St Tessero, a fashion blogger, much like her. Helena becomes disillusioned with a consumer capitalist system and becomes its biggest critic. About him Gossip Girl rebooting her character Kate also finds a way to tell the truth to power, but in an indirect way. There is also an exploration of the class division as working-class teachers wake up to the privilege of their wealthy Upper East Side students in the Gossip Girl restart.

5 Zion Moreno / Control Z

Zion Moreno’s first starring role was in a teen drama that wasn’t that different from Gossip Girl; Moreno was part of Netflix’s teen drama Control Z which also chronicles the lives of some high school students, plagued by an anonymous virtual entity that watches over them and unleashes their worst secrets, not unlike the anonymous Gossip Girl account. Moreno played a student named Isabela, who was one of the most popular girls at her school until the anonymous hacker denounced her as transgender, ultimately leading her to experience harassment and distress. Both programs are anchored in social networks and their influence, so Moreno is in familiar territory.

4 Laura Benanti / Young

Laura Benanti is a Broadway star, prolific singer, and five-time Tony Award nominee; Millennial audiences perhaps know her best for her recurring role as the self-made millionaire Quinn Tyler in Younger. Benanti was recently announced as the newest Gossip Girl cast member, and reports suggest she’s set to play a father.

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On Younger, Quinn was sometimes projected as an antagonist. The role wasn’t particularly meaty or even well written, but even though Quinn only had a four-episode arc, it definitely left a mark. Benanti shines in brave and tense antagonistic roles that have been designed to be complex. Her comedic background certainly makes her more visible and makes her a spontaneous performer, so it would be interesting to see what role she plays in the reboot.

3 Whitney Peak / Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Whitney Peak plays Zoya Lott and fans have already listed her as the new Dan Humphrey on The Gossip Girl reboot, as he’s also trying to fit in with a group of elite peers, like Dan. This sense of not belonging was also intensely explored in Peak’s television debut. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where she played Judith Blackwood, the daughter of Faustus and Constance Blackwood. Zelda Spellman hides Judith’s existence to protect her and brings her to the Spellman household to raise her with the help of Hilda. Judith couldn’t find a place for herself in the dark world or the human world; Like Zoya, she also has a hard time figuring out who he is.

two Tavi Gevinson / Scream Queen

In 2015 when Scream queens Released, Tavi Gevinson was already a fashion veteran. So, it was a pleasure for her fans when they saw her in Ryan Murphy’s comedy from Scream queens it also influenced fashion. On the show, Gevinson played an ex-kappa named Feather. And although the character had very little in common with Gossip GirlKate Keller, Feather shared Gevinson’s passion for high street fashion as she was seen in quite a few noteworthy pieces.

1 Jonathan Fernandez / Lethal Weapon

Jonathan Fernandez plays Zoya’s father in the Gossip Girl reboot and tries to protect Zoya from her half-sister Julien’s toxic social circle by refusing to let him communicate with her. Fernandez had a recurring role in the reboot of the cult action movie Buddy Cop Lethal weapon, which lasted three seasons. Fernandez played a coroner and forensic specialist named Bernard who assisted Roger and Martin with their investigations. Although the two roles have very little in common, Fern├índez’s character in Gossip Girl It may remind viewers of Rufus Humphrey, who relentlessly tried to protect his children from the superficial and materialistic elitism of the Upper East Side.

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