GTA Online players are showing their enthusiasm for the new Los Santos Tuners update by creating a wide variety of memes to mark the occasion.

The Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online it just went live and the internet already has a swarm of memes celebrating the occasion. This was the first major content update of 2021 for GTA Online being the last one Cayo Perico robbery in December 2020.

Los Santos Tuners is a street racing themed update for GTA Online with a Fast and Furious flavor that adds new cars, races, heists and more to the game. There’s even a new combat-free central area where players can show off their vehicles to others and modify them in real time. Los Santos Tuners seems to be one of the most exciting GTA Online Updates in recent memory and gamers are already sharing their excitement online in the form of memes.

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As usual, Reddit has become a prime hotspot for finding some of the best memes that pay tribute to Los Santos Tuners. Redditors like Minute_Resist243, DONP4CHEE, Babybirkinmonkey, Y Papa_Swish They’ve contributed to a steady stream of memes and demonstrate the appeal this update seems to have. Some even refer to other important intellectual properties, such as Avengers Endgame Y The Fast and Furious, the latter of which recently received its own immense number of memes.

Most of these memes demonstrate a level of emotion that has surrounded the anticipation of GTA Online updates in recent years, but usually that community feeling dissipates soon after GTA OnlineThe update is revealed. Los Santos Tuners, however, appears to be a bit more promising than those other recent additions, although it is still too early to say how shocking it will be. Rockstar seems to have bought some goodwill with the fanbase and perhaps even brought a little more life to the title.

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While the timing of the Los Santos Tuners release aligns with the pattern of a summer and a winter that Rockstar has developed in recent years, it seems planned that this update with the theme of street racing came immediately after the most recent . Fast and Furious movie. That franchise has become one of the highest grossing franchises over the years with the ninth installment hitting theaters recently, which was a big deal considering the world is still emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Rockstar had the right content planned for the right time and hopefully lives up to the expectations of the GTA Online player base.

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GTA Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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