Rob Zombie has provided another sneak peek of Munsters movie, this time revealing a look at Herman Munster’s design. Earlier this year, it was reported that Zombie would be rebooting The Munsters with a new live action movie. After officially confirming the news, Zombie has since kept fans posted on the project’s progress and was recently in Budapest to search for filming locations.

One of the recent updates on The Munsters revealed a first look at Grandpa Munster’s wig. Zombie has now offered a sneak peek at Herman Munster by posting images of the sculpture being built with the character’s forehead and, like the original series, is reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster. He even includes the same scar on his forehead, another indication that the Munster family will look very similar to how they appeared in the classic sitcom.

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Herman Munster was portrayed by the late actor Fred Gwynne in the original television series. As of now, Zombie hasn’t officially confirmed the rumored names that are part of the cast, but it’s been reported that Jeff Daniel Phillips will play Herman in the upcoming reboot. Phillips has appeared frequently in the Zombie films, including the director’s latest film. 3 from hell, so the potential casting makes sense. Sheri Moon Zombie is also rumored to play Herman’s wife Lily Munster, but like her husband Rob, she has kept quiet if she’s officially in the cast.

Richard Brake and Dan Roebuck are also among the names rumored to appear as main cast members alongside Lost star Jorge Garcia, but their roles have not been revealed. Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson reportedly also stars in a supporting role. This could always change, as none of these names have been officially confirmed by Zombie as of this point, but with pre-production progressing very quickly, hopefully we will get more information on the cast soon. All this news comes from the first report on the film in

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Rob zombie He has also posted pictures of Herman and Lily Munster’s wardrobe nightwear designs. He also revealed the actual plans for 1313 Mockingbird Lane, revealing that he is building the Munsters’ house to look exactly like it did in the original TV series. He has since announced his plans to build the entire neighborhood and all the other houses on Mockingbird Lane are also being built.

No plot details have been shared about the Zombie reboot, but it seems like their goal is to make the film very faithful to the original TV series. Aired over two seasons and 70 episodes between 1964 and 1966, the comedy series followed the home life of a family of benign monsters living in the fictional town of Mockingbird Heights. There have been several reboots and reinventions over the years, but fans are particularly intrigued by the Zombie version. The Munsters.

While we haven’t been given a release date for The MunstersThere are rumors that the film will be released on the NBCUniversal Peacock streaming service, perhaps simultaneously with a theatrical release. Meanwhile, Zombie is doing a great job of keeping his fans updated on the film’s progress. This news comes to us from Rob Zombie on Instagram.

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