Facebook now offers Instagram users the option to limit the amount of potentially sensitive content they are exposed to on the platform.

Instagram users have gained a new control that will allow them to set the level of potentially sensitive content they see on the platform. This is just one of many changes Facebook has recently introduced in an attempt to give users more control over their Instagram experience. This is in addition to the biggest changes Facebook has been making to all of its apps in general, including the main Facebook app.

In addition to the usual improvements one might expect with a social media app, Facebook has also been looking to add more user-centric tools. For example, earlier in the month, Facebook announced the launch of a new security verification tool that seeks to help users clean up and avoid any additional problems that develop on an Instagram account that could have been compromised.

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The company’s latest tool is not designed to protect users from attacks, but to view content that might not be appropriate for them, with the new Sensitive Content Control offering the option to set the level of sensitive content to which it is exposed a user in Explore. Considering that the Explore section is the area where Instagram tends to send content to users, even from users they don’t know, it makes sense for Facebook to limit the new tool to this section. According to FacebookDifferent users are happy to view varying degrees of sensitive content, and the new control settings are specifically designed to allow them to determine their own comfort level.

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How Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control Works

Instagram sensitive content control settings

The new Sensitive Content Control settings can be seen by tapping the profile icon in the Instagram app and then in settings. From here, the user can tap Account followed by the new Sensitive content control tab. This will open a new page in the app where the Instagram user can choose from several preset options. Basically, they can play the Limit option to limit the amount of sensitive content displayed or select the Limit even more option for the strictest level of protection. Of course, users can also just leave the settings at the default settings Allow option if they don’t want to limit sensitive content at all.

Facebook has not provided specific details on the type of content that will be affected by changing the settings. However, the company explained that sensitive content is not strictly defined as rule-breaking posts. Instead, Facebook notes that it refers to any post that may be annoying to users, including content that could be “sexually suggestive or violent. “Regardless of the exact definition or the posts that will be affected, Instagram users now have an additional level of control that they can use if they see fit.

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