After the end of season 1, fans are comparing a Loki character to Star-Lord, and while their actions are similar, their motivations are different.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Loki season 1 finale, “For All Time. Always,” which is now airing on Disney +.

As charming as Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord is, many fans have yet to get over his spectacular failure in Avengers: infinity war when he ruined the heroes’ best chance to get the Infinity Gauntlet out of Thanos. Much later Loki In the end, fans are drawing a parallel between himself and another character whose desire for revenge led to dire consequences: Sylvie. However, as easy as it is to do, it is not a fair comparison.

Loki The season 1 finale gave its leads a fateful choice: They could either replace the man behind TVA, The One Who Remains, or kill him and deal with the consequences of his death. But taking charge would have meant maintaining a status quo that victimized them both, and in Sylvie’s case, for most of her life. And while Loki prioritized Sylvie over what The One Left had to offer, Sylvie stood her ground and killed the man behind her suffering.

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Jonathan Majors as Kang / He Who Remains in the Loki season 1 finale

By killing The One Remaining, Sylvie accepted that she might be creating chaos in the Sacred Timeline, including the threat of a Multiversal War among her less benevolent variants. However, while Sylvie’s actions opened the door for Thanos’s heir apparent to take power, they are different from Star-Lord’s. Star-Lord’s decision to attack Thanos before his allies took the Infinity Gauntlet from him came in the heat of the moment, being an impulsive reaction to learning that the Mad Titan had sacrificed Gamora’s life for the Soul Stone. . And as bad as it was, it was also understandable given the situation.

Sylvie’s decision also makes a lot of sense for her character. While her feelings for Loki were genuine, they weren’t enough to make her abandon her mission against the TVA. After everything that had happened, both before and during the events of Loki, forgiving Him Who Remains and taking his place on TVA would have made no sense. He also had no reason to give The One Left the benefit of the doubt. His erratic behavior made it easy for Sylvie to follow her instincts and consider him a liar, and it didn’t help in his case that he admitted to using deceptive methods to maintain the TVA.

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Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston in the Loki season 1 finale

It’s also hard to blame Sylvie for having a hard time believing that Loki really cares about her more than having his throne. There is a natural skepticism that comes from dealing with the God of Mischief, and after so many years of relying solely on herself, it makes sense that she refused to give him a chance to pull the rug off him.

Furthermore, the consequences of Sylvie’s actions are different from Star-Lord’s in another significant way. While Star-Lord’s outburst allowed Thanos to continue on his quest to wipe out half the universe, it wasn’t the last chance anyone had to stop him. In Sylvie’s case, there was no one else between her and The One Left after she sent Loki back to TVA, which means she has to take full responsibility for what happened. As a victim of the Blip, Star-Lord did not return until the final battle with Thanos, when everyone had higher priorities than to blame him. Sylvie’s fate will not be clear until Season 2 of LokiBut it is hard to believe that she will be given the same opportunity to dispense with the consequences of her actions.

To see how Sylvie deals with the consequences of killing He Who Remains, tune in to Loki season 2 on Disney +.

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