Neil Gaiman reveals that he is officially developing a serial adaptation of his hit 2005 fantasy novel Anansi Boys for Amazon Prime.

Neil Gaiman reveals that he is officially developing a serial adaptation of his hit 2005 fantasy novel. Anansi Boys for Amazon Prime. The story centers on Nancy, an incarnation of the titular trickster god of West Africa, as she dies in a shameful way and leaves behind two twin sons, who discover the other’s existence after being separated when they were young and go on an adventure to explore. . his heritage. Anansi Boys shares the character of Mr. Nancy with Gaiman’s previous novel, American gods, although it is not generally referred to as a sequel.

Development in a film adaptation of Anansi Boys He has been working in some capacity since the BBC released a one-hour radio adaptation of the novel in 2007, much to Gaiman’s chagrin. Initially looking at a potential movie, Gaiman began working with the BBC for a miniseries adaptation in 2014 that quietly died and borrowed some elements for Starz’s adaptation of American gods. Another radio adaptation was released in 2017, which Gaiman enjoyed much more than the previous one. Having had success with Amazon for the film directed by Michael Sheen and David Tennant. Good omens series, the word began to swirl over a Anansi Boys series on the streaming platform last year and it seems the rumors were true.

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Almost a month after the reveal, he would be developing Good omens season 2 for the streaming platform, Gaiman has taken to Twitter to confirm that it is working with Amazon Prime to develop a serial adaptation of Anansi Boys. The author shared the news with a concept poster for the fantasy series. Check out Gaiman’s poster and ad below:

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Although movies like Coraline Y Stardust Working as translations of his works, recent years have finally seen Gaiman’s strange worlds see the proper light of day on the small screen. Among the irreverently hilarious Good omens maybe progressively better American godsThe expansive scope presented by Gaiman on the pages of his novels begs for the extended run time television needs and a streaming platform makes for an even better home to avoid any dilution of his material. Plus, having Gaiman ready to write the series himself alongside British comedian Sir Lenny Henry, who played Anansi in the 2017 radio series novel adaptation and narrated the audiobook, makes for an even more promising start. .

Looking at his previous work with Amazon at Good omens and their ongoing relationship for season 2 of the apocalyptic fantasy comedy, Gaiman seems to have found a good home with the streaming platform. Although Orlando Jones, who played Mr. Nancy in American gods, was fired from the show after season 2 and it seems unlikely that he will reprise his role, Gaiman will surely bring Anansi Boys to life correctly on screen. In addition, with The Sandman finally set on Netflix and in production, fans of the author’s works have a lot to look forward to.

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